Comexim Vivian and Cornflowers: Quick Overview

Hello everyone! Some of you may remember when I asked on my Facebook page what Comexim bras you would like to see me review next. The public spoke, and Vivian and Cornflowers were victorious. So ladies and gents, here they are!

Comexm Cornflowers, 60G

Comexim Cornflowers, 60G


Comexim Vivian, 60G

Comexim Vivian, 60G

Vivian and Cornflowers fit essentially like my Ingrid that I’ve already reviewed, meaning this will be a fairly short post simply outlining the differences I found between the Ingrid and these two styles.

  • Vivian
strap detail

Strap detail

The Vivian feels the most like Ingrid in terms of materials. The fabric of the cups and band is very comparable. The material of the band feels just slightly thinner than that of the Ingrid– a negligible difference. The primary difference between these two bras is the strap length and material. The Ingrid has stiff straps with virtually no stretch to them, while the Vivian has stretchy straps that I found needed to be adjusted more than my Ingrid. The cups and band fit the same as my Ingrid (both bras are size 60G).

If you read my review of the Ingrid and thought that it might work for you, Vivian probably will as well! Just watch out for those straps if you’re petite. They are fully adjustable, but I personally find it uncomfortable to have the adjusters sitting on my shoulders.

  • Cornflowers
Strap detail

Strap detail

In terms of sizing, Cornflowers also runs the same as Vivian and Ingrid in size 60G. Hurray! Consistency! However, Cornflowers differs the most from the previous two bras in terms of materials. The cups and bands are much silkier than that of the Vivian and Ingrid, and the materials feel thicker over all. The straps are also softer than both of the other bras. They contain the perfect amount of stretch for comfort, and are textured enough to keep the adjusters in place. I also find that the Cornflowers bra tacks to me the best of all three offerings. Speaking simply in terms of materials, Cornflowers is my favourite of the three bras. Ingrid still owns my heart strictly in terms of design though!

This blog seems to be chronicling my changing size more than anything else as of late, and it looks like that trend will continue. The other day the wires on my bras began to really bother me. They felt tight and restricting, and my bands were feeling a bit tight as well. My cups were also looking rather gapey. I decided it was time to go for a fitting just to try on a bunch of different styles to see what was up with my body. Low and behold, 28E/30DD are my current most comfortable sizes. I’ll go into more detail regarding that fitting trip later (because it was actually awesome and my fitter was lovely), but for now, I’m working on selling some bras to make some money to afford at least a couple in my current size. The Cornflowers and Vivian are both for sale. If you’re interested in either, just go to this page!

My size in relation to Comexim bras right now: Bands feel too firm in a 60, cups slightly large in a G. I assume I would get my best fit in a 65F with reduced cup height, for those who were curious!



Edit: Cornflowers still available. Vivian is gone!

Edit again! Vivian sale fell through, she is available with matching shorts in XS!