Ewa Michalak 3DM Summertime Bra & Brief

‘Summertime’ reminds me of late August scenery in Southern Ontario, around 7:00 PM, when the light is golden and your surroundings are covered in a blanket of warmth.

Ewa Michalak 3DM Summertime Bra in 70D & Matching Brief in size 36

Ewa Michalak 3DM Summertime Bra in 70D & Matching Brief in size 36

This set’s design is reminiscent of the Burek from last Spring/Summer. Many of you may already know that I still love that design (it might even be my favourite that the brand has ever produced!), and as you might expect, I was delighted when I found out that Summertime was one of the sets that Ewa Michalak had selected to send me for review. I liken the Burek to the beginnings of spring, still with a chill in the air. Whereas when I see the Summertime, it’s as though the sound of cicadas begins from nowhere.

Summertime fits very much like the other two 3DM bras that I reviewed, the Margot and the Burek. If you already have a go-to size in this style of bra, I’d stick with it. Just like those two bras, the cups are more shallow than many of EM’s other offerings, and the wires are of an average-to-wide width. I wouldn’t suggest this bra to someone with very soft breast tissue. The gore is very low, so chances are it wouldn’t be fantastic at keeping your breasts locked in the cups. As always with lingerie though, if it’s a style you’ve got your heart set on it is always best to try it rather than listen to someone on the Internet telling you that it won’t work. Bras and weird, sometimes I can’t figure out why one works and one doesn’t despite all my trying. What I can say for sure though, is if you’re the kind of person who is often bothered by tall gores, this style will please you.


This bra is a 70D. Not too long ago I reviewed the Szarotka in a 65DD and found that the cups were a nice fit, but the band felt too firm on me, so this size was the next natural step. The 70D was a great fit on me when I received it and happily got to wear it a few times, but right now I’m on a bit of a size upswing. I’m closer to an 30E, so the cups feel a bit small for me at the moment. I’ve found this bra runs true to Ewa Michalak’s other bras that I’ve tried: Normally in the cup (though low-cut if you’re used to the full coverage of many British brands), and firm in the band. I cannot pull off a 70 (or 32) in any other brand at the moment to my knowledge, but this works quite nicely.


The straps are fully adjustable and adorned with a texture that helps keep the sliders in place. The texture is practical and visually interesting, but can make the straps difficult to adjust initially. Once you get them to the right place though, you can be sure that they are not going to budge.



The Summertime briefs (or Figi) are a great fit on me. I received them in a size 36, and they feel great on my 35 inch hips. The fabric is soft, the gusset feels nice, and the embroidery that mirrors that of the bra is never itchy. Conveniently, the briefs also share some of the fabric of the Karmelki bra, so if you own both sets you can mix and match. I love versatility and beautiful design, so this gets a huge thumbs up from me! They aren’t my favourite undies in my drawer, but I also don’t have a single thing to complain about.

I think my most optimal Ewa Michalak size at this very moment would be a 70DD that runs especially firm in the band, or 65E that runs loose. The 70 is a bit looser than I prefer, but 65s are painful as the day progresses. Over all I’m content to wear the 70. I’m much happier in something a bit loose rather than tight these days. Conveniently, there IS apparently a bra that meets these exact specifications. I have purchased it and am just waiting on its arrival. Expect a review of the Czarna Mgielka in the coming weeks.

The Summertime is listed on Ewa Michalak’s website as a CHP and SM style, but the 3DM cut can be custom ordered by emailing the shop directly. Custom orders to cost an additional 20 Zloty, just something to keep in mind!

What do you think of the Summertime? Do you have your eye on any item’s from Ewa Michalak at the moment?