Ewa Michalak 3D Bambino Reviewed

Today’s post is rather special. Some time ago, a reader messaged me to let me know that she had a 3D Bambino that didn’t fit her. Instead of selling it or returning it, she opted to send it to me for review in support of my blog. For the sake of privacy, I’ll not mention her name (but please if you want to out yourself, comment!), but dear reader, know that this is one of the sweetest things to have happened to me since beginning my blog. Thank you for believing in and trusting my blog enough to send me a bra to review. You are awesome.

Thank yooooou!

Thank yooooou!

I was sent the 3D Bambino in size 65F. As you may have suspected it is too large for me, what with my ever-shrinking cup size. But this bra does have some interesting quirks that should be addressed that differentiate it from other 3D bras that I’ve tried on.

3D Bambino, 65F

3D Bambino, 65F, fits roughly like a UK 28FF

  • The Cups (come with removable pads)

The cups differ from other 3D models I’ve tried on (the Pyts, Ivette, and Teczowe Kfiaty) in both wire height and cup height/openness. The wires come up shorter on the side, so if you’ve ever had an issue with your bras feeling uncomfortable under your arms, this bra might be a contender for you. The cups also come up higher in the front, and appear more open than the other 3D models I’ve tried. This means it would probably accommodate fuller-on-top shapes better than your typical 3D bra. The also cups feel deeper than the previous 3D models I tried, so while I would typically recommend a 3D bra for a shallow-to-even shape, this particular bra may accommodate more depth than other models.


  • The Band

The band is certainly stretchier than other Ewa Michalak bras that I’ve tried. I would estimate that the stretch makes it feel about a half size larger than other styles I’m familiar with (the Burek, Margot, Teczowe Kfiaty, and Pyts). Since most 65 bands from Ewa Michalak fit like 28 bands, I’d call this band a “29.” I’m finding looser 28s and firm 30s comfortable at the moment, so the bambino really hits it out of the park in this area for me! Inbetweenies rejoice!

  • The Feel

There are some positives and negatives in this area for me. The straps and lace detailing at the top of the cups does not feel quite as soft as I’m used to from Ewa Michalak. It felt a little bit irritating when I tried it on, so I have a suspicion that I wouldn’t like to wear it for a long period of time. If you have sensitive skin, I would stay away from this particular model. The cotton material inside of the cups feels as soft and lovely as ever, and the band is smooth and comfortable.



  • The Design

Cute as a button much? The light pink polka dots are matured a bit by the cool grey base colour, saving this bra from looking too cutesy­­­. Instead it looks just adorable enough. The tiny pom-poms at the center gore are a suitable choice for a gore detail, as they echo the polka dot pattern on the bra. And, as my wonderful reader pointed out, the gore detail is also reminiscent of cat toys. So if you’re a crazy cat lady such as myself, this is kind of a must have.

Pom poms! And note the super low gore. Find gores irritating? The 3DM style may be a good option.

Pom poms! And note the super low gore. Find gores irritating? The 3DM style may be a good option.

The Bambino is a unique fit among 3D bras, meaning that some of you may be bothered that it doesn’t fit consistently, and other may rejoice that this particular style may work for them! If you can look past the itchy lace detailing (which may soften with wash and wear) this bra is an adorable and unique addition to any bra wardrobe. 

Since this bra does not fit, I am passing it along to whoever would like to try it! Just pay the costs of shipping and it’s yours. Leave a comment if you would like it!

EDIT: The bra has been claimed!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!