Ewa Michalak SM Margot Reviewed


I don’t consider myself a mysterious person. I’m fairly blunt, I do not have many secrets. I also don’t consider myself to be particularly lady-like. Yet in this set I can half convince myself that I am a mysterious lady in a film noir, filled to the brim with secrets and complexities.

Ewa Michalak SM Margot, 30F

Ewa Michalak SM Margot, 65F (30F)

The SM Margot from Ewa Michalak is an unexpected and delightful design. What could have easily been a more predictably black and red piece of lingerie is instead the original combination of black mesh and green and mulberry embroidery. The oversized mulberry bow at the centre, which I was initially unsure of, is the perfect accent to this already lovely bra. The Margot has a couple differences in fit that distinguish it from the Burek and Bezyk, so let’s get started!


The band on the Margot is quite firm. While I wear my Burek and Bezyk on the second hooks in a 65 band (65 band is equivalent to a UK 30 band), I wear Margot on the loosest. If you like your bands to have more stretch to them, the Margot may not be your cup of tea. On the flip-side, if you are always seeking out firm bands, Margot could be for you. As many of you will already know, I usually take a 28 band in UK brands, but a 65 band in Ewa Michalak generally feels just right on me.

The second major difference I noticed between the Margot and Burek/Bezyk are the straps. Margot has thinner, longer more textured straps than its thicker, smoother and shorter counterparts on the Burek and Bezyk. On one hand I like the variety this provides my bra wardrobe with, and on the other hand, I consider these straps a touch less comfortable on my frame. I do need to tighten them up past my shoulders, so I may consider altering the straps to be shorter at some point. I’m around 5’2, and while I don’t have a particularly short torso, taller women may not encounter this issue with the Margot.

Like the band on the Margot, the cups also have a certain stiffness to them that I did not experience in the Bezyk and Burek. While “stiff” may sound like a negative, I actually intend it as a positive. Miss Underpinnings mentioned in her review of the Margot that the embroidery acts as a great stabilizer, and she could not have been more correct. I believe it is the embroidery on the cups that gives Margot that stiff, stable feeling that you may not expect to experience in such a delicate looking bra.

Margot gives me a slightly more compact profile than the Burek or Bezyk, but I’m not sure it would be very noticeable to someone unless they were specifically looking for such qualities in fit- which you may have noticed I particularly love doing. The cleavage this bra gives is perfectly in line with my other SM bras, meaning that this bra is intended to leave the upper part of your breasts uncovered. I truly never thought I would wear a style like this as an everyday bra. I would normally opt for something full coverage for daily wear, and yet in walks the SM style, which somehow manage to be stable and secure all while looking exceedingly attractive.

Figi Margot

Figi Margot

Check out these adorable breifs. Please just look at them. The two sections of sheer, stretchy black fabric are really flattering. It’s not the most practical option for a seamless look, but I can wear them under a lot of my clothes without issue and they were simply too adorable to pass up. I got them in a 36 (UK size 8), which is what my measurements suggested I should get, and the fit is spot on.

While Margot is certainly a bit different than the Burek and Bezyk, the same size fits me in all three of these bras (65F). I would only recommend changing your size for the Margot if you’re particularly concerned about the firm band, otherwise I would stick to your regular Ewa Michalak size.