Ohhh Lulu Longline Bralette

Heather grey is the colour I most strongly associate with comfort.

Ohhh Lulu Custom Bralette in Heather Grey with White Lace Detail

Ohhh Lulu Custom Bralette in Heather Grey with White Lace Detail

When I placed my order for a custom bralette with Ohhh Lulu, I was seeking the ultimate lounge underthing. My specifications were loose, only asking for an extra long band, thick straps, cotton lining and the colour scheme. I left the implementation of everything to Sarah, because frankly, she’s the designer and I trust her more than I trust myself in this matter.


While I would refer to my Fortnight longlines as wireless bras, this Ohhh Lulu longline is more of a bralette. The distinction being that Fortnight longlines are constructed for support despite their lack of wires, while a bralette is designed for comfort and minimal support. This bralette is now my go-to home undergarment, perfect for lounging and sleeping. I spent a solid two weeks with a nasty cold shortly after this bralette arrived, and it helped to make that time much more comfortable (and helped me feel less of a slob).

Since this is a custom bralette, sizing is done by sending your measurements over to Sarah during the order process. When I sent mine in I was generally somewhere between a 30DD and 30E. When I first received it, the cups were just a touch large for me, but certainly wearable. I just couldn’t quite fill out the top section. I’ve since increased in size a bit and now fill them out perfectly. The support is light, as to be expected, however what I didn’t expect was for it to do such a lovely job in the shaping department. It softly rounds out my chest and creates a beautiful profile. It suits my even and centered shape well, but I think it would accommodate a spattering of shapes. This garment just follows the contour of your natural shape, and I think is versatile as a result.


There are no hook and eye closures, this is simply a garment to pull over your head. The band is a nice fit on me– a bit loose, which I consider perfect for its purposes as a comfort bra. If you prefer a tighter or looser fit, I would simply specify that when you send over your measurements. The straps are fully adjustable and a comfortable width. If you’re seeking a larger cupped bralette, I highly recommend thicker straps. The garment just feels extra stable as a result. The four-inch long band doesn’t seem to add extra support, but I find the length aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, hitting right at my natural waist.


Reflecting back on my first Ohhh Lulu order, I tried to control the process a bit too much, and I think that affected my results. I recommend just letting Sarah do her thing with minimal guidelines for a great outcome. If you’re interested in this heather grey fabric, I can’t recommend the cotton lining enough. It’s a very thin fabric, so the lining gives it some more substance.

My only tiny quibble with this garment is taking it off and putting it on. Sometimes I fear I’m going to tear it, since the band is made to accommodate my ribcage measurement, not my bust measurement. But I’ve learned the appropriate wiggle to do while dealing with this garment, so I think its life is now safe. That said, I love the lack of hook and eye closures for comfort.

If you’re thinking of placing an order, check out my post about the ordering process here!