Eberjey Delirious French Brief

Let me introduce you to a new friend.

Eberjey Delirious French Brief in Midnight, size S/M

Eberjey Delirious French Brief in Midnight, size S/M

Eberjey’s Delirious French Brief comes in two sizes: S/M and M/L. I was a bit apprehensive about the fit since my hips are right on the end of their smallest size (35 inches for reference), but thankfully they feel spot on. The mesh has a decent amount of stretch, so just as the size chart indicates, I expect these undies would flatter most who measure around 35-37 inches at their fullest point in the S/M. They sit quite low, which is always my preference for underwear and what I feel looks best on my body. The leg line is cut longer than a typical brief, hence the “french brief” in the name. So even though the back is cut like a brief, the front has a bit of a boyshort feel in terms of length– best of both worlds!


Some mesh lingerie I’ve encountered has been on the scratchy side, but that’s not a problem with these undies. They’re made of a soft, fine mesh that glides against the skin. They’re not as comfortable as a pima cotton knicker, but they sure get the job done and look great while they do it. I like to have some variety in my drawer, I’m just not always in the mood for a cotton despite its overwhelming charms and comforts.


The matching bralette is on my radar, as I don’t own anything that matches these undies. According to the size chart, it should actually be a decent fit. However, generally my shape and core-sized bralettes are not friends, so I am prepared for the worst. As it stands I’m on a spending hiatus anyway, so it will be some time before I’m able to try it. But when I do, you can rest assured that I’ll also certainly be trying the Pima Cotton French Brief, which looks basically perfect.


One pair of undies and I’m an instant fan of Eberjey it seems. If you fall in their size range and their prices work for you, I definitely recommend the Delirious French Brief. A pair retails for $25, and shipping is very reasonable to the U.S. To Canada however, shipping is $20. I actually had a friend in the U.S buy them and send them to me herself, and the shipping was considerably cheaper for me by this method.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!