Wish List: Soft Bras, Longlines, Pretty Things

I have comfy stuff on the brain. Right now, I just want to live in soft bras. This wish list is dedicated to that feeling.

  • Ohhh Lulu

Honestly, I’d like most everything from Ohhh Lulu at the moment, but that is simply not feasible. These two are the big stand outs from Sarah’s current collection for me. Both styles look enticingly comfortable, adorable, and like they would offer at least decent support. Perfect.


  • Fortnight

Similarly to Ohhh Lulu, I’d like basically all of Fortnight’s latest offerings (because I am apparently a glutton). The airy colours have me thinking “hurray spring!” and I can never get enough of the masterfully selected materials that Christina uses- so soft, yet structured feeling.


  • Lonely Lingerie

So these may not be soft bras, having underwires and all, but don’t they just look cozy? They just capture the spirit of soft bras. I can’t actually vouch for their comfiness given that I haven’t had the privilege of trying anything from Lonely Lingerie, but I sure hope I find the opportunity to one day.


  • Mimi Holliday 

How can you make a list about comfy bras without including comfort bras? You can’t. Thus: Pineapple Express and Apple Tart. Are you even PREPARED FOR THAT GREEN?



Me too Jon, me too (and you know nothing).