Fortnight’s Current Longlines: Luna, Mira & Vega Compared

I’ve talked about Mira and Vega before in previous reviews, but the Luna Longline is a new style for me. Instead of simply doing a review of the Luna and leaving the other styles alone, I thought it would be most effective to talk about all three styles in one post. My reasoning is firstly that I am much more familiar with Fortnight now then I was during my previous Mira and Vega reviews. Secondly, I was able to try on all of these styles in the same size and at the same time. This means that I can accurately speak about each style in relation to one another without worrying about size fluctuations throwing off my analysis. I’m very excited to present you all with my comprehensive overview of Fortnight’s current longline offerings!


  • Mira Longline
Size Range: A 32-36, B-DD 30-36, E 30-34, F 30-32

Size Range: A 32-36, B-DD 30-36, E 30-34, F 30-32

Opaque cups feature one vertical seam. Band features three columns and three rows of hook and eye closures in size 30DD. Band measured approximately 28 inches stretched.

Fortnight’s Mira longline is a jersey and lace wireless bra. The jersey fabric that comprises the cups has excellent stretch to accommodate size fluctuations, as well as great compression and stability. The lace panel at the front of the band is reinforced with a non-stretch mesh material that keeps the band feeling secure, while the rest of the band is made of the same jersey material as the cups for optimal comfort. This peach and sky offering is one of my favourite colour combinations from Fortnight and has got me thinking of summer already.



Every bra I’ve tried from Fortnight has been cut small in the band and Mira is no outlier. While the band is cut small, the fabric has a decent amount of give that keeps the bra from feeling constricting. I wore this bra comfortably on the loosest set of hooks when I was wearing 28s in all my other bras, and wear it comfortably on the loosest hooks now that I’m branching out to 30s in other brands as well. This is largely because my measurements haven’t changed lately (still approximately a 26 inch ribcage), just my definition of comfort. Underwires have been my primary reason for sizing up lately, and since this is a wireless style I don’t at all mind the firm fit. I’m still comfortable with my claim that an average 28 could wear a 30 from Fortnight without issue.


I find that Mira’s cups run true to size, as I’m comfortably wearing a 30DD or 28E cup volume in the majority of my bras, and Mira fits in a 30DD. Most of Fortnight’s longlines don’t seem to favour shapes that are center full. I’m quite even all around, and initially got a small press from the edge of Mira’s cups when the bra was new. However, after washing and wearing a few times the press softened out and now I have a smooth line at the top of the cups. I have it on decent authority that Mira’s cups work with shallow, average and projected shapes, but the look is a bit different with each. Shallow shapes may find that they get flattened out more, while my not-too-shallow-or-projected shape definitely feels compact, but not flat. A reader who purchased my 30F Mira who considers herself projected also got along well with this bra, so this is a great sign for its versatility!

The straps are fully adjustable (with front adjusters! the convenience is great) and fairly averagely set. I usually need to adjust them just past my colarbone to get a comfortable fit, meaning there’s a lot of room for them to stretch as the bra ages. I typically need to re-adjust my straps once or twice a day, so I think the adjusters do slip out of place a bit.


  • Luna Longline
Size Range: A 32-36, B-DD 30-36, E 30-34, F 30-32

Size Range: A 32-36, B-DD 30-36, E 30-34, F 30-32

Semi- sheer cups feature one vertical seam. Band features three columns and three rows of hook and eye closures in size 30DD. Band measures approximately 27.5 inches stretched.

Luna and Mira are very similar fits with just a couple of key differences, the first being that Luna feels sturdier over all. The mesh cups and band feature the same sort of stretch and compression that Mira’s jersey does, but it feels even more powerful. Instead of lace below the cups, Luna features jersey lined with a powerful non-stretch mesh. The band is also taller than that of Mira, so it creates a slightly longer line. The sturdiness of materials paired with the longer band result in a fit that feels incredibly secure for a wireless bra. I think Luna was designed with basic, everyday wear in mind (as it comes in black and white/beige), so it does not surprise me that it would feel the most powerful of the three current longlines available. Luna is like the badass cousin of Mira, ready to help you get out of any bind with super mesh powers.


Luna’s band is more firm than both Mira and Vega, and from my perspective fits like a firm 28 (likely due to the strength of the mesh band). I wouldn’t want to size up to a 32, but I did wear this one two days in a row to break it in a bit. The only discomfort I experienced was a bit of digging in at the bottom of the band. Now I adore this bra as an everyday basic and am beginning to crave the black version as well. These are by no means your boring black and beige basics. The mix of sheer mesh with opaque jersey looks sophisticated and streamlined. And while “champagne” and “ivory” may sound like fancy terms for “beige” and “white,” they really are gorgeous shades that I feel are aptly described by Fortnight’s choice of descriptors.



I take the same cup size in both Mira and Luna, and find both to fit well. Just like with Mira, I experienced the same slight cutting in from the edge of the cups in Luna. Given the way Mira has softened up after a couple weeks of wash and wear, I don’t see any reason Luna won’t do the same since they feel so similar. The cups give the same compact, natural but rounded shape that Mira does, but it feels as though I stay locked in place a bit better due to the sturdier materials. As I mentioned above about Mira, shapes that are full toward the center may run into issues, but I think this bra could work for shallow, even and projected shapes. I have never seen a Fortnight on someone who is fuller on top, so sadly I’ve no data in that regard.

Just like with Mira, the straps are fully adjustable from the front with lots of room to stretch. I find I do need to adjust my straps once or twice over the course of the day, so the adjusters may slip out of place a bit from time to time. However, since they adjust from the front it’s very easily remedied!


  • Vega Longline
Size Range: A 32-36, B-DD 30-36, E 30-34, F 30-32

Size Range: A 32-36, B-DD 30-36, E 30-34, F 30-32

Semi- sheer cups feature one vertical seam. Band features three columns and four rows of hook and eye closures in size 30E. Band measures approximately 29 inches stretched.

While Luna and Mira are quite similar, Vega is more of an outlier because the material feels so unique. The cups have the same shaping and compressing quality that the other two do, but the fabric is much more light weight. I find it doesn’t form to my individual shape as well as the other longlines, probably because the fabric only stretches in one direction, as opposed to all directions like the jersey and mesh of Mira and Luna. Basically, the cups stretch height-wise and the band stretches length-wise, but you can barely stretch the cups width-wise, comprende? So while I can kind of position myself within Mira and Luna’s cups since they stretch to accommodate, Vega leaves me feeling more exposed at the center since it the cups don’t stretch in that direction, and the edge of the cups occasionally cuts in to my center fullness. The band directly below Vega’s cups is lined with the same non-stretch mesh as the Mira and Luna that contributes to a feeling of security.


Vega’s band initially feels comparably as firm as Mira’s, but I find it stretches out a bit faster. By the second wear before it goes off to the wash pile, I find I like to move from the loosest hooks to the middle hooks. However, after I wash it, Vega bounces back with some kind of miracle level elasticity and I’m back on the loosest hooks. A regular 30 may find this band firm at first, but it will soon stretch to accommodate. Sticking with your regular band size or sizing up will entirely come down to preference.


You may have already noticed that I need to size up to a 30E in Vega, whereas I wear a 30DD in Mira and Luna. Vega appears to run about a cup size small due to the unique fabric. I also find that it has more of a defined apex, while Luna and Mira seem to stretch to accommodate your personal shape a bit better. Vega gives me a more lifted and projected shape, which is really quite impressive given that it is wireless. The fabric doesn’t seem to hold me in place for the entire day as well as Luna and Mira do though. It’s a bit of a trade off: Vega provides some pretty amazing lift and shaping, but I need to adjust myself in it sometimes. Mira/Luna look a bit more natural, but I don’t need to adjust at all. However, there was a time when I wore a 30F in the Vega and found it to be a 100% perfect fit. It seems that when I shrank, I didn’t scale perfectly as cup sizes do, which of course only makes sense since bodies are unpredictable. So as always, trying on bras in person is really the only way to tell if you’ll really be compatible with a particular style. If you are limited to ordering online though and are curious to try Fortnight, I would recommend starting with Mira or Luna since they seem to be a bit more accommodating for various shapes.

While the unique fabric is precisely what makes it difficult for me to achieve a perfect fit at the moment in Vega, it’s also something I love about this bra. The jacquard doesn’t look like anything else out there, and paired with the light-weight semi sheer quality it seems like the perfect fabric for hot summer months. Under clothing it looks very similar to my underwired bras, a testament to its lifting abilities. I think I will probably wear this bra frequently with loose tank tops when it starts to get really warm!

The straps remain consistent across all three bras, meaning they adjust from the front and are approximately the same in length. I sometimes need to adjust the straps over the course of the day, as I do with Mira and Luna, but this isn’t a great concern for me since it’s so simple to do so.

The Luna retails for $98 CAD, Mira for $110 CAD and Vega for $120 CAD. While they are quite expensive from my perspective, I believe the cost accurately reflects the product’s quality. Fortnight’s garments are created locally and ethically in Toronto, and the workmanship that goes into each piece is stunning. It’s a luxury price tag for a luxury garment, essentially. I’ve decided I would prefer to own fewer bras to be able to wear these rather than own a drawer full of bras that don’t quite suit me. In terms of design, fit and comfort Fortnight longlines knock it out of the park for me.