Mimi Holliday Elferine and Tinkerbell Comfort bras Reviewed

Left to Right: Tinkerbell and Elferine

Left to Right: Tinkerbell and Elferine, both 28FF

When Mimi Holliday has their semi-annual sale, I cannot help but order one or two pieces that I otherwise could not afford. This time, I had a hankering for comfort bras. Enter Tinkerbell and Elferine. Tinkerbell is the impossibly sweet combination of blush lace and grey/purple satin, and Elferine may be the juiciest looking bra I have ever seen. With its emerald lace, lime satin and bright pink bows, it’s hard not feel a bit peppier than normal with this bra on. It feels like wearing a melon… minus the discomfort that would come with actually wearing a melon…

Anyway. I’m reviewing these bras together because they are almost exactly the same in terms of design. Comfort bras do vary from bra to bra, but these two in particular are made of the same lace, and the bands have the same tension.

comfort bra2

As you can likely tell based on their delicate appearance, comfort bras provide a light level of support. With only one seam, they lift from the bottom just enough to give your natural shape some perk and keep them from moving around as you go about your day, but they don’t really change the shape of your breasts. These bras provide by far the most natural shape I have ever encountered from a bra, and it’s something I definitely appreciate when sifting through a sea of padded contour bras. The straps are half adjustable and the thinnest I’ve seen from a full-bust bra. I do wish they could adjust further, as I already have them tightened as much as possible, but less petite ladies probably won’t have this issue. The band feels fairly true to size on both bras. Each bra closes with four sets of one hook and eye closure, and I need to use the second tightest setting to get the best fit. This still leaves plenty of room for the band to stretch out. The one hook and eye closure probably sounds iffy in terms of support, but it’s actually very comfortable and I don’t feel as though I’m losing support. However, the delicate materials coupled with the thin band likely wouldn’t work for heavy breasts.

comfortbra 3

The wires are a bit wide for me, and the cups a bit shallow. These two factors make comfort bras very “light tackers” on me. The gore does touch my body, but gently. For completely unknown reasons to me, Tinkerbell tacks better than Elferine, even though I can’t find a difference between them in terms of construction. I imagine there’s some subtle difference I can’t see that makes Tinkerbell more compatible with my shape. These bras will suit women with broad roots and shallow breasts better than they do me. I’m not bothered by these slight incompatibilities though, as neither cause any discomfort.

Comfort bras sit nice and low in the back, which I find super comfortable.

Comfort bras sit nice and low in the back, which I find super comfortable.

As I said at the beginning of this review, comfort bras can vary quite a bit from style to style. Angelique Jet, from their A/W 2012 collection had an impossibly tight band and very stretchy lace. Arielle, also from their A/W 2012 collection, had a looser band than other styles and stiffer lace. I think the way you tell how a comfort bra will fit is based on the lace. Elferine and Tinkerbell use the same lace and fit almost exactly the same. Coincidence? Maybe, but I think I’m onto something. I’ll need more data though… which means more comfort bras. I’m not too upset.

Angelique Jet comfort bra

Angelique Jet comfort bra, Image from Faire Frou Frou

Babycakes comfort bra. I would bet money that the band runs super tight and the lace is very stretchy, just based on the fit of Angelique Jet

Babycakes comfort bra, image from Lula Lingerie. I would bet money that the band runs super tight and the lace is very stretchy, just based on the fit of Angelique Jet

Arielle comfort bra, image from Mimi Holliday's website Different lace, different fit... HMMM

Arielle comfort bra, image from damaris.co.uk
Different lace, different fit… HMMM

Comfort bras are, as the name suggests, the comfiest. If you fit into their size range (I think A-G? Don’t quote me on that), dig a natural shape and the “barely there” feeling that the delicate constriction provides, then I highly recommend checking out these bras. The Mimi sale is still on, it’s not too late to snatch one (or two) up!

PS, this is my hundredth post. Suuuuup.