Fortnight Vega Demi Bra & Bikini Knicker

Fortnight’s Vega demi bra has become a staple in my drawer.

Fortnight Vega Demi Bra in Black, 30E

Fortnight Vega Demi Bra in Black, 30E

The first things to jump out at me were the softness of the fabric and minimalist design. Two immediate checkmarks. Frill free designs are a bit difficult to come by in the full bust market, and while this style only dips its toe into said market with cup size stopping at an E, I am thankful for its existence. Frills can be fun, but I tire of them and quickly and soon want something simple for daily wear.


As for fit, it’s not perfect for me, but obviously that hasn’t stopped me from investing in a couple (with a third on the way–oops). The gore, wires and straps are all a bit wide for me. This bra would be much more suitable for someone with a wider-set, full on bottom shape. Those who consider themselves shallow or average projection-wise will probably get along fine with this style. As always though, give it a shot regardless of your shape if you dig it. The raised gore doesn’t stop me from wearing them daily, and the wide wires don’t cause me discomfort since they’re on the softer side.


Aside from its aesthetics, my major infatuation with this style comes from its shape under clothing and its comfort. The Vega demi creates a uniquely compact and rounded profile without lifting too dramatically. The internal side panel helps center things a bit, not to the degree that the Panache Jasmine does, for instance, but it certainly contributes to the rounded profile. Note that the side panel doesn’t come in all cup sizes, and unfortunately I’m not sure which sizes are exclusions.

vegad6There are some differences between the black and peach colours, likely due to the peach being older, while the black is part of Fortnight’s newest collection. The peach is a smidgen larger in the cups, and the internal side sling is a soft, silky material. The black feels a bit more stiff, and the side sling is made from a more ridged material that doesn’t stretch. Needless to say, the black feels overall more supportive, but the peach is a slightly better fit for me.


I feel like the statement ‘runs true to size’ holds little meaning, but I’m going to use it anyway in reference to the cups. My typical as-of-late 30E works just fine, and as per usual with Fortnight, the band is a snug 30 that 28-banders may rejoice to try.


The bikini knickers seem different than the previous Vega undies I owned in the cyan colour. I wore a medium in those, but in the peach and sky blue versions I take a small and love the fit. However, the material is a bit more rigid than that of the Mira, so I could see those with more squish than myself wanting to size up. I think it would come down to preference. My hips are around 35 inches and I think I’m right on the upper end of a size small, if you’re trying to find a point of reference as to which size you should choose.

The non-knicker items are just a little sneak-peek of what I found at the Fortnight Studio Sale. Promise there'll be a post about that soon!

The non-knicker items are just a little sneak-peek of what I found at the Fortnight Studio Sale. Promise there’ll be a post about that soon!

So if I didn’t make it obvious, I love the Vega Demi! It would be nice if it were more compatible with my shape, but truth be told, I just don’t mind. Something about wearing a bra that isn’t a perfect match makes me feel less like I’m wearing a device made to contain me, and more like I’m wearing a pretty piece of clothing. Not that I don’t value a perfect fit (have you seen this blog?), but some things end up being more important.