Parfait Danielle Longline & High Waisted Briefs Reviewed

Parfait Danielle Longline, 30DD

Parfait Danielle Longline, 30DD


Since branching out to 30 bands recently, my vision became fixed on the Parfait Danielle longline. Longlines are absurdly comfortable styles in the world of bras, and Danielle looks as stylish as it does comfortable. Large Cup Lingerie was kind enough to send me the Danielle longline and matching high waisted briefs in the blush colour (my personal favourite) for review. While the style didn’t work for me, I think I have a decent grasp on what shapes it may be better suited for.


  • The Cups


Danielle’s cups are soft and smooth on the inside, no complaints in that department. The wires, however, aren’t quite so comfortable on my frame. They’re thick and rigid, and a bit on the wide side for my liking. This would be great for someone someone looking for a bra that feels super sturdy, but less so for one who lacks much fat tissue on their ribcage– ouch! The cups are quite deep, but have very little immediate projection. They also have a fairly high apex, and seem to run large as they gaped quite a bit on me. I’ve heard that the cups actually run small in larger size ranges, but at the smaller end of cup sizes seems they are quite big.


The moulded cups feature no internal seams, all seams on the outside are purely decorative.

  • The Band



As I had heard, the band definitely runs firm. In a 30 Danielle feels like a 28 band. It reminds me of a Freya 28 band (not their loose styles, regular bras like Lacey, Loretta, Babes in the Woods, etc). The longline band features three columns of six hook-and-eye closures, as well as boning in the front to keep the band from flipping up. Pair this thick, supportive band with rather rigid wires and you have quite a workhorse of a bra. Looking at the band independent of the wires or boning, it is so comfortable! Tripling the hook and eye closures from my regular two-hook bras just feels snuggly. I’d love it if all my favourite bras were available as longlines.


  • The Straps


The straps are pretty interesting! They’re half adjustable, and the front half is made of  some soft stretchy material that’s split down the middle:


The back adjustable half feels pretty normal. I can’t speak to weather or not the adjusters stay in place all day since I wasn’t able to wear this bra for too long, but I predict that they would based on other bras that feel similar. I’m not crazy about the feeling of the elasticized material of the front half and would probably prefer a regular strap, but if this bra did fit me it would by no means be a deal breaker!


  • The Feel

Sturdy, sturdy sturdy. This bra feels heavily structured. Some of you will love it, some likely will not. If you don’t like feeling particularly conscious of wires or boning, I’d stay away from this one. If you’re more content when you can really feel a bra’s structure (for some, it feels like a hug!), then this is probably a great choice for you.


  • The Undies!
Danielle High Waisted Briefs, XS

Danielle High Waisted Briefs, XS

The XS was a great fit on my 35 inch hips, and the briefs actually comes up to my natural waist! I usually find that high waisted undies hit me at an awkward spot (I’m 5’4 or so, but I have a pretty long torso) so I typically opt for low cut undies. The gusset is a decent width as well. My personal pet peeve with panties is a narrow gusset. Just… why? Why do that!?

I also take an XS in Freya undies (though often find them a touch large), a 36 in Ewa Michalak, an S in Aerie, and an M in Fortnight, so some of you may be able to use that as a point of comparison if you’re looking to order these online.


If you’re looking for a bra with a delicate appearance and some tough hardware, Danielle may be the one for you! I’d watch out if you lack fat tissue around your ribcage or find you need immediate projection from your bras, but if you have some squish to you, like firm wires, and require shallow cups, Danielle may be your new buddy. If you’re interested in this set, Large Cup Lingerie has it available in a number of sizes with always free international shipping!