Fortnight Vega Longline Bra Reviewed


Some bras just feel right. Everything lines up: fit, style and comfort. Fortnight’s Vega Longline is just about the definition of perfection.

Fortnight Vega Longline, 30F

Fortnight Vega Longline, 30F

Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Fortnight’s studio sale. Available to purchase were many of their old collections reduced by up to 50%. The number of pieces I wanted to take home was staggering. Slips, bras, undies, body suits- all available in my size. The temptation was there, and it was big. Ultimately I showed restraint and walked away with one set, the lovely Vega wireless longline bra in… Seafoam? Cyan? Robin’s Egg? Teal? Something blue/green, all I know is it’s gorgeous.


Vega is absolutely dreamy. While I adore my Mira longline, Vega will now be my go-to comfort bra. There are a few differences that I adore about it, the first being that the cups are shorter than Mira’s. I’m a small person in pretty much all directions, so shorter cups are a welcome comfort to save my armpits from being rubbed. Admittedly Mira wasn’t too bad for this, but Vega is still an improvement. Secondly, the material is more firm, which gives a shocking amount of support for a wireless bra. Despite the firmness, it also has quite a bit of stretch to it. I think Fortnight is made of geniuses to have designed this bra. It seems impossibly supportive yet accommodating– I think some magic may have been at play here.


This bra is a 30F and fits me like a dream, so I would conclude that Vega runs a full band size small given my usual size of 28FF (Mira ran a half size small in my opinion). The cups feel fairly normal for a 30F, so I’d stick with your regular cup size if you’re considering trying this bra. Just like with Mira, the straps adjust from the front, making Vega easy to tighten or loosen while wearing it. Until now, I have never felt comfortable enough in a wireless bra to wear as an everyday bra outside of my house, but I am confident that I will wear my Vega frequently as such.


See this U-shaped back right here? I love this. I feel so much more comfortable with my bra band sitting further down my back. My Freya longline bras still manage to sit fairly high up since the band is cut straight across. A U-shaped back coupled with the longer line is one of the comfiest combinations on my body.


Concerning the undies, they also run quite small. I wear an XS in Freya undies and a medium in the Vega Fortnight brief, so you may need to size up a couple of times. The brief is comfy, made of the same stiff yet stretchy fabric as the bra. The only downside is that they have fairly tight elastic at the top and leg openings. It doesn’t feel at all uncomfortable, but it means I won’t get a seamless look under clothing.

Fortnight’s size range caters to smaller women (I believe 30-36 A-F, but if the bands run small across all sizes then it’s really more like 28-34). If you happen to fit into the size range I can’t recommend this bra enough. Vega is currently out in a beautiful wine red if pastel colours like this aren’t your thing.

And did I mention it also comes in an underwired demi bra?

I had better start saving my pennies.