Gossard Super Smooth Moulded Wireless Plunge Bra Reviewed

I’ve made it abundantly clear over time on this blog that I have a bit of an obsession with wireless bras. My ribcage is bony, so wires can occasionally become a bother, even when I size up in the band. I tend to keep my eyes and ears open for new wireless bras available in my size range, and one day while catching up on Petite and Plentiful’s blog, I saw her review of Gossard’s new wireless moulded bra. It sounded like it would work decently for me, and I had been looking for some new review material for a while that differed from the usual brands that I cover (Ewa Michalak, Fortnight, Comexim, etc). I contacted Gossard to see if they were interested in sending a sample my way for review, and was thrilled that they responded enthusiastically. About a week later, the Gossard Super Smooth Wireless bra arrived at my door.

My initial reaction was that the cups looked quite large for a 30DD (my usual size as of late), but upon further inspection I noticed some pretty heavy padding inside the cups, which reduces some of the available space. The sides of the cups are padded in such a way that it brings your chest front and center. The goal of this bra is to give the wearer fantastic cleavage, sans wires. On my evenly full, fairly centered shape, it succeeds almost too well. I get more cleavage in this bra than I ever did in a Freya Deco. I think a lot of people will flip for this bra, but for my personal tastes, the cleavage is too much. I’ve never been a fan of cleavage though so I fully expected not to love that aspect of this bra. It was the prospect of a wireless T-shirt bra that made me so curious about this piece, and in this respect, it also performs very well. The shape is seamless and rounded under clothing, exactly what I had hoped for. But as most padded bras do, it does increase the size of my chest more than I personally like.

My second reaction was that the materials feel very soft to the touch, and the appearance is sleek and streamlined– two qualities I love in my lingerie. It feels silky when worn, and doesn’t dig in uncomfortably anywhere. An issue I had with the wireless Deco was that the band under the cups would dig in. Gossard seems to have trumped Freya in regards to comfort, but I did like that I had less cleavage in the wireless Deco.


If you have a pretty even shape and/or are pretty centered on your chest naturally, expect lots of cleavage. I think that this bra would be a god-send for wider set and/or shallow shaped individuals who have always wanted cleavage, but haven’t found a bra that delivers for them. Very close set people may find that they fall out the center during the day though, since there are no wires to keep you separated. The gore of course does not tack, as there are no wires, but that’s par for the course in wireless bras (especially in full bust sizes).


The band is pretty typical of Gossard bras, meaning it runs firm for a 30. Firm 30s are the most comfortable fit for me right now, so this gets an A+ from me. If you wear a 28 band and have wanted to try Gossard, but have held off because you thought you were sized out, I’d give them a shot.

The straps are quite thin, half adjustable, and as soft as the rest of the bra. Since this style stops at an E cup, I think the straps were a great choice. I personally didn’t like thin straps very much when  wore a 28FF, but in my current size I seek them out.

I’m curious to see how frequently I wear this bra. The cleavage factor was even more than I expected, and is pretty contrary to how I like to look. At the same time, it’s so soft, comfortable and practical, that in the end it may be enough for me to wear it regularly. Regardless of how often or in-often I end up wearing this bra, it’s a quality undergarment that I would recommend in a second to anyone seeking a comfortable and enhancing bra, or to anyone who dislikes underwires up to an E cup.