Comexim, More Awesomeness From Poland

So most of us have heard of Ewa Michalak at this point, but a brand I’d really like to hear more about is Comexim. They’re another Polish full bust brand featuring beautiful designs. I have some serious bra lust for a few of their styles, such as…

Green Velvet bra. Image taken from Comexim’s website

I believe over the course of my posts I’ve made my desire for green lingerie quite clear, but in case that’s something you’ve missed or you’re a new reader… I LOVE green lingerie. I wish that all my favourite bras (miss mandalay paige/paris, panache andorra, ewa michalak PL styles…) would come out in a forest green, sage green, and bright green colour. I would seriously buy them. This bra can be purchased at the Big Bra Bar, but sadly my size is not available.

Paradise bra. Image taken from Comexim’s website

UGH, this bra. This one is my absolute favourite from Comexim. The feather print, the colours, the beautiful materials, everything. The only thing really stopping me form ordering this is that I’ve heard Comexim only accepts bank money transfers as a payment option (which can be expensive, depending on your bank). If anyone has heard whether or not they’re accepting paypal now, please let me know! I guess one other little niggle is that I got hit with some hefty customs fees on my previous Ewa Michalak order, so of course if I order from Poland again I know this is a possibility. But uh… if anyone’s feeling generous and wants to get me a little present you know what to get 😉

Comexim Princess bra. Image taken from Comexim’s website

This one honestly didn’t catch my eye as much on the website, but Comexim posted a picture of it on their facebook page today, and seeing it close up with all its beautiful detailing made it stand out for me. The print is kind of like a leafy paisley, and I really enjoy the muted colours.

One day I will certainly get around to ordering with Comexim. I’m mostly interested in their plunge bras, but their other styles also seem lovely. I’ve heard that compared to UK sizing their cups run small and bands run tight, so quite similar to Ewa Michalak. They also seem to skip some double letters, but not all. For instance, there’s no FF, it goes from F straight to G, but there is an HH. Their sizing starts at a 60 band (28) so I wouldn’t have to ask for one to be custom made for me as I had to with Ewa Michalak. An interesting thing I’ve heard Comexim does is that upon request they will make any bra on their website into either a balcony or plunge style. So if you see a design and think “hmm, that’s really nice but I’d prefer a balcony instead of plunge” that can happen! Of course I haven’t tested this myself so I can’t say that it is 100% true, but this is what I have heard. You can always send them an email if you have any questions you want answered.

Another cute bra fom Comexim called the Nadin bra. Image taken from Comexim’s website.

So there you have it. Another awesome brand from Poland. If you’re really curious as to what their bras fit like, there have been two guest reviews done on Braless in Brasil’s blog.