Ewa Michalak HP Kobalt Reviewed

Remember way back when I mentioned buying an HP Kobalt from blogger Ejay over at Dimpsey Bra Fit? If you’re a new reader, you can find out about that little adventure here. Well, it finally arrived, and it fits almost perfectly! Behold!

HP Kobalt, 26G

HP Kobalt, 26G

The HP shape is one of Ewa Michalak’s half cup variations. The shape is very round, and held closer to the chest than Ewa’s other half cups (CH, CHP), which are more projected. Though I must say, the shape is still more projected than many of my non-Ewa bras.

My general initial reaction whenever I put on a half cup is “AH! So much boob!” But I soon get used to the feeling, and am always impressed with the look, and am surprised by the security. I wore this bra all day while cleaning my house and didn’t experience any security issues or discomfort. Thoroughly impressed!

I purchased this bra in a 26G, and as I thought, the band is too tight. I can fasten it, but it’s too restrictive to be comfortable, so I’m wearing it with a full extender for the time being. It’s a pretty true-to-size 26 band, stretching to a bit more than 26 inches. Lately I’ve enjoyed wearing my bras a bit looser than my ribcage measurement (26 inches), and find that bras that stretch to 27 or 28 inches are suiting me well. The cups definitely run big compared to PL styles, which I need a 28G-GG in. A 28FF, or 26G in this case, fits very well in the cups.

Primary characteristics of the HP Kobalt are:

  • Narrow wires
  • Wide straps
  • Half adjustable straps
  • Fairly deep cups
  • Lightly padded cotton lined cups
  • Lightly padded straps

This style would likely work well for someone will pretty full on top boobs. I have fairly even fullness and occasionally get some gaping, but nothing that would cause me not to keep the bra. Design-wise, I love the deep grey-blue colour, and the one ice blue bow at the center to off set it looks fantastic. The only downside for me is that the HP Kobalt makes my chest appear larger, which really only makes it a downside for everyday wear. It’s quite nice for mixing it up every now and then.