Wearing Wireless Bras For a Week

With my cup size dropping again, I decided to really think about the kind of bras I want to wear before investing in my new lingerie. I thought and I thought, and where my thoughts landed is probably fairly obvious if you’re a dedicated follower of this blog: Fortnight. And so at this very moment, the only bras I own that fit me the way I like are three wireless Fortnight longlines.

Mira in Sky/Peach, Vega in Dusty, and Mira in Navy/Black

Mira in Sky/Peach, Vega in Dusty Pink, and Mira in Navy/Black

Wired bras haven’t really been a priority of mine recently. I’m not sure what triggered it, but I’ve become fairly sensitive to, and just aware of, the wires pressing against my body. I can size up in the band to get a looser fit, but that doesn’t seem to change my feelings about under wires.

This isn’t to say “I’m done with under wires! Who needs ‘em!” It is to say that I am branching out to wireless bras more frequently for everyday wear, whereas I typically used to wear them as home bras. What’s been particularly interesting about this development is feeling that I’m breaking some kind of rule by wearing wireless bras in a D+ cup size– that I’m not fulfilling some quota for how much lift one “should” get from their bras. It’s a subtle, and has not deterred me from actually wearing my wireless pieces, but every now and then I catch myself feeling like I’m not getting “enough support.”

 But what’s enough support precious?


To explore these feelings, I decided to exclusively wear wireless bras to work for a week. The results? Interesting.

I’ll start with the conclusion and explain how I got there: wireless bras will now be part of my everyday lingerie rotation and are one of my go-to choices for work. I will not exclusively wear wireless bras, as I don’t feel comfortable with the shape under all of my clothing. Unlined and lined wired bras will still have a place in my drawer.

Wired options like the Panache Andorra for instance! I managed to find tis beautiful discontinued colour on sale the other day.

Wired options like the Panache Andorra for instance! I happened to find this beautiful discontinued colour on sale the other day.

There was an adjustment period over the course of the five days that I wore wireless bras. At first, I felt like I needed to adjust and fidget with my bras, but that need largely subsided after day two. By day five, I was able to leave them alone and wear them like any other wired bra.

Why were wireless bras difficult to adjust to in a setting other than my own home? I have some thoughts. Contour bras are generally the style pushed by highstreet lingerie shops; bras that ideally mould your beasts into a near-perfect sphere. When I first got fitted, I wanted to stick with contour options because they seemed the most average. But when my fitter showed me the Freya Pollyanna, a discontinued unlined style with a lace upper section, my curiosity was piqued. I tried it on, and was enamored by the natural yet lifted shape, and the breathability of thinner materials. Since then, unlined bras have generally been my preference to contour bras. But for a while when I first began wearing them, I did feel odd. Occasionally I’d feel self-conscious, that my breasts somehow looked too breast-like, and so I would fidget with my bra frequently (which once you put into words is a fairly ridiculous sentiment).

Freya Pollyanna. The black version was my first well fitted bra.

Freya Pollyanna. The black version was my first well fitted bra.

Beginning to wear wireless bras has had the same sort of adjustment period. The more I wear them, the more normal they feel and look, and the less I feel like adjusting or fidgeting with them during the day. Right now I prefer them to most wired options.

So, again, what’s enough support precious?


As much or as little as you like.



‘Til next time,