Toradora! The Best Christmas Episode

A very quick post, because I’m feeling festive.

Most “slice of life” anime include a Christmas themed episode. While most are cute and enjoyable, there’s only one that I’ve seen so far stands out as the best, and it is Toradora’s. It’s my favourite for a number of reasons, but mostly because this happened:

toradora1901And this


And of course, in typically heart-breaking Toradora fashion, this


While many Christmas themed episode are enjoyable, Toradora’s episode is unique in that it still works to advance the plot. It doesn’t feel forced into the series for the sake of fulfilling an obligation, it just fits perfectly.

But… if we’re talking about the CUTEST Christmas episode?

K-onK-on. Always and forever.

Do you have a favourite Christmas episode of a TV show? Or do you just dislike the concept of Christmas themed episodes?