Inside Fortnight’s Studio Sale 2014

About one month ago, I attended Fortnight’s second annual studio sale. Prices on items from seasons past were reduced by up to 70%, meaning even greater reductions than the previous year. The environment was just as lovely as I remembered, and it’s always good fun to be surrounded by people of common interest– especially when that interest is beautiful lingerie. sale7 I went in with a few items in mind. I was hoping to find a Mira longline in sky/peach, as well as the silver lace version. I was also keen to pick up some Vega bottoms to match my demi bras. sale4 The bottoms were a piece of cake to get, with many sizes and styles available (I even managed to get the blue ones for only $10 since they were a sample size!). sale5 The longlines I sought were sadly no where in sight in my size. I did try on a couple of Vega colours though: Wine and Dusty Pink. The pink was quite a nice fit, just a tiny bit large in a 30F, while the Wine was certainly too large in the same size, and too small on a 30E. I often find myself in between sizes with the Vega longline. sale2 There were some unique items at the sale, such as bras from the first two seasons Fortnight ever released, as well as items never sold on the market. The most notable item being silver/ivory Mira camisoles. They were essentially identical to the silver/ivory slip, only cut shorter. sale3 I got to chat with Christina Remenyi (Fortnight’s founder and designer) for a while, which is always lovely, and was also introduced to Fortnight’s pattern maker! I wish I had thought of more to talk about at the time with her, as I’m consistently impressed with the little revisions made to Fortnight’s products, but I admit to being a touch distracted by all the prettiness around me at the time and my mind pulled a complete blank. You win some you lose some right? sale6 I had mentioned to Christina that I was hoping to find the silver Mira longline, and low and behold, she went and pulled one from a bin for me to purchase! I was thrilled, to say the least. sale1 And so in total I walked away from the sale with two Vega bottoms, a Vega longline and Mira longline. Is it sad that on the bus ride home I was already thinking of next year’s sale? What can ya’ do. fortnightsale