Cleo Marcie Reviewed

Welcome to my review of the adorable Cleo Marcie.



Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of myself wearing Marcie to show you because I decided to sell it. I wish I had snapped some! I purchased Marcie in a 28F. When I first put it on I was excited to find that the band felt very firm. The shape this bra gives is incredibly round, not just round for a cut-and-sew bra. It’s just… wow! It turns your chest into floating spheres. I was in between sizes when I bought this (between 28F and FF) and the cups fit me wonderfully. I’ve read in other reviews that the upper section is a bit loose on some in their usual size, so this could be a great bra if you find yourself in between sizes. I found the wires to be a bit wide for me, but considering Ewa Michalak’s narrow wires seem to work best for my shape and Panache’s reputation for wide wires, I am not surprised.

So since I’m praising this bra so much, you’re probably wondering why I decided to sell it. Basically…

  • The band is very stretchy. I could close it on the last hook without difficulty after only four or five wears. After a wash it would shrink back down and feel firm on the loosest hook, but it stretched so quickly that I would have to move it form the loosest hook to the middle hook within the same day. So while it seemed very firm at first, more like a 26, it stretched very quickly. The person I sold it to is more of a “true” 28, so she’ll likely have greater luck than I did.
  • My size has increased and at the moment I’m wearing 26G/28FF-26GG/28G bras. I decided to sell all my small bras that I was not attached to, and Marcie was one of those bras. I kept all my favourites for when my size shrinks (I say “when” instead of “if” because I’m pretty darned sure it will when the warmer months arrive!).
  • Though I was initially impressed by the ultra round shape that Marcie gives, I found that under clothing it seemed to increase the appearance of my bust. I prefer for my bras to have a slight point, so the appearance is more natural under clothing.

All of these factors lead to my decision to sell Marcie even though it is quite an excellent bra. Also, red just isn’t my colour! It looked nice enough on me, but I just can’t get into it. I’ll stick with my cooler or pastel colours in the future. I would recommend it to those who want a wider wire and a very round profile. I’d say stick with your usual band size even though it may feel a tad too firm at first.