Ohhh Lulu Custom Order in Progress!

Hi Everyone! In my previous post I talked about Ohhh Lulu Lingerie and my interest in placing an order with them. My order is officially underway and I’m very excited about it. Basically what I’m getting is the love child of these two bras:

I’m getting the design of this bra…

…with the colour of this bra! (both images taken from Ohhh Lulu’s Etsy store)

The bra will also have a longer line. I showed Sarah a Fortnight longline, which is the sort of length I had in mind. She was super co-operative and said she would tinker with her pattern to create a bra with a similar longline to the Fortnight. On top of this, I’ve asked to get the bra with thin foam padding and fully adjustable straps amidst many apologies in case I was being too picky! She seemed happy to work with my idea and glad I’m so excited about it.

I’ll update you all with how the ordering process goes, partly out of personal excitement (for a SATIN LONGLINE WITH A 26 BAND. JEEZ GUYS THIS IS AWESOME) and partly because it might be helpful for anyone who’s thinking of placing an order with Ohhh Lulu.

Hope you’re all loving a lovely day