Ohhh Lulu Lingerie: Anyone Tried It?

Everyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I love Etsy. When asked “where did you get that?” 90% of the time, I’m going to respond sheepishly with “Etsy…” I actually have a shop of my own on Etsy where I sell prints of my art, as well as a couple original drawings. If you find it, I’ll be impressed! Maybe one day I’ll share my Etsy store with you when I’m comfortable enough to associate my real name with this blog.

One of my favourite shops is Ohhh Lulu Lingerie, but I’ve never been adventurous enough to try anything from it because all the designs are wireless. I decided to finally inquire as to whether underwire could be added to the designs, but unfortunately that’s not something that Sarah, the shop’s owner and designer is doing at the moment. Sarah was very helpful and suggested adding boning to a design. I’m definitely intrigued as to how that would work! I look forward to continuing to communicate with her to see if we can come up with something that will work for my size.

One great perk about Ohhh Lulu Lingerie? Every garment is custom made for you, so I could get bras in a 26 band! There’s also the option to add or remove frills, bows or lace form a design to suit your individual taste. For an additional cost you can apparently have light foam padding added to any bra as well.

I have to wonder if the wireless designs could actually work as they are in my size. 26FF, the size I would order from Ohhh Lulu, really isn’t that big. While I know it wouldn’t be as supportive as one of my underwired balcony bras, I imagine it could work. What are your thoughts on wireless bras? Has anyone in a full bust size considered them as an everyday bra? And if any readers have any experience with Ohhh Lulu Lingerie your comments would be much appreciated! I’m very curious as to the fit and support.

Some designs I’m really interested in…

Amethyst Smoke Satin and Lace bra. I’d probably get it with a smaller bow. But GOSH do I love that colour and lace.

Satin Soft Bra in Raven. Love that little rose

Satin Bra in Ballet Pink

Snowflakes Ivory and Lace bra. The texture of this one is appealing to me

This kind of reminds me of an unlined purple Lato Ewa Michalak bra! Of course I’d want it, since I missed out on the Lato

You can visit her shop here:


So as you can tell, I’m a bit smitten with Ohhh Lulu. I’m certainly hoping I can make something work, not that I can afford all these lovely sets anyway. I’ll have to settle for one or two!