Avocado Kyoto Reviewed/Revisited

This bra was provided by Avocado for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


Some readers may remember that I reviewed Avocado’s Kyoto bra once already in April of 2013. Despite some incompatibility, I cannot stay away from this bra because of its minimal, elegant styling, and comfortable materials. I’ll primarily be addressing the differences in fit between this beige continuity option versus the fashion colour (brown/blue/green) that I reviewed previously, as well as general advice on what shapes I think this bra would best suit. You may notice that this bra is a touch large for me in these photos. I am currently wearing a 28F, while this bra would best fit a 28FF. Despite this, I am keeping it around because my size is known to fluctuate, and frankly, it’s too darn beautiful to give up!

Avocado Kyoto in beige, 60G

Avocado Kyoto in beige, 60G

The first point of significance I noticed about the beige Kyoto is that it seems to run more true to size than the previous fashion offering. My old Kyoto was a 60H, which fit me fairly well when I wore a 28FF in UK sizes. The beige version I am wearing above is a 60G, yet it fits very similarly to the 60H I used to own. Miss Underpinnings, an awesome blogger who generally wears a 28G, fits a 60H in Avocado. I generally wear a 28F/FF, so I could only fit a 60H if it ran small in the cups. I would keep this in mind if you happen to find an older fashion colourway available in a bra swap group or ebay. 

Now for a point of similarity- the materials. Between my old Kyoto, this version and the Annick in Love bra, the materials are consistently soft, comfortable and supportive. The embroidery is intricate and beautiful, but do not expect it to disappear under thin, fitted clothing. My wardrobe is primarily made up of loose clothing, so this isn’t an issue for me, but definitely something to keep in mind when choosing what bras will work best in your day-to-day rotation.


Similarly to other Polish brands like Ewa Michalak and Comexim, the Kyoto’s cups are deep and the wires narrow. Avocado does offer a variety of constructions with varying wire widths and cup depths though, which means there is likely a style that will work for you in their offerings if the Kyoto isn’t a perfect match. The Kyoto is one of their “A” shapes, which is characterized by its narrow wires, narrower strap placement, and the way in which the straps meet the upper section of the cup rather than the bottom panel (meaning it has more of a full-cup construction rather than a balcony construction). If you have narrow-set and projected breasts, you’ll likely get along with Avocado’s A shape nicely. I don’t have quite enough projection to be a perfect match, but I am not particularly bothered by this! If you’d like to learn more about Avocado’s other styles, I highly recommend Miss Underpinning’s breakdown of their constructions and fit.

Avocado's Jewel in the "H" shape. In this style the bottom panel extends up to the straps.

Avocado’s Jewel in the “H” shape. In this style the bottom panel extends up to the straps, meaning it is a balcony cut. The straps are wider set and give more lift from the bottom of the cups.

Avocado's Jewel bra in the "A" shape. See how the straps meet the top panel of the cup? This, like the Kyoto is more of a full cup construction

Avocado’s Jewel bra in the “A” shape. See how the straps meet the top panel of the cup? This, like the Kyoto, is more of a full cup construction

The cups and front half of the straps have no stretch to them, which keep the bra feeling supportive and structured. This is generally a trait I favour in bras, however, I have somewhat asymmetrical breasts that disagree with this lack of stretch. My smaller side has quite the gap while my larger side still manages to pull off these slightly too large cups. This is no surprise though, as I find that fuller coverage mesh bras are not the most forgiving for asymmetrical breasts.


While I found my older Kyoto to be a bit loose, this band feels like a typical 28 or 60- firm but comfortable. It’s also a bit thicker than my old Kyoto, which is a welcome change as I found that band just a bit too thin for my taste. The materials feel a step above a brand like Cleo. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a Cleo bra, but what I’m trying to say is that the extra money you would invest into an Avocado bra is immediately evident in the materials. The elastic and hook-and-eye closure are both softer, and the embroidery never itchy. There are some bras that you simply forget you are wearing due to the softness and breathability of the materials, and for me, the Kyoto is one of those bras.


Please take note of the narrow centre gore- do you have closer set breasts? You’ll probably get along with the Kyoto’s gore.

Now I’ve been trying to be all business about this review, but I really need to take a moment to just appreciate the beautiful details that this bra offers. I’m prepared to say right here, right now, that this is the prettiest bra I have ever seen (only to be tied with the Burek from Ewa Michalak).


The pinks and greens compliment the caramel colour beautifully, and the embroidery at the centre gore as opposed to a button or bow is fresh as can be!

Have you tried any of Avocado’s lingerie yet? I’m eager to try some different cuts myself. The H cut is said to be similar to the rounded shape that Cleo offers, so that will be next on my list! I’m also eager to get my hands on the Kyoto in the Latte colour in a cup size down.

Avocado Kyoto in Latte. Can you even handle it?

Avocado Kyoto in Latte. Can you even handle it?

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!