Some new friends made their way to my home. Please take some time to get acquainted. Reviews to come later!


Fortnight Mira in Sage


This is a dream bra for me. The ‘sage’ colour sometimes appears blue and sometimes green depending on what sort of light it’s in. If you’re interested in this bra, I’ve reviewed it here and here in other colours.


Fortnight Luna in Dusty Rose/Champagne


Predictably, this is not a colourway I could resist. I decided to purchase this one in a 30E for bigger days, as my 30DD Luna occasionally feels too small. As I suspected, it’s a bit wide for me, but it’s also remarkably comfortable and I never have to worry about it cutting in during the day. I think it will serve its purpose perfectly. I’ve also reviewed this bra here.

Foxers B-Strings in Aqua/Chevron and Beige/White


Review coming soon!


Gossard Wireless Moulded bra


I can’t stay away from a wireless bra in my size for long. Review to come soon!



Avocado Jewel (H cut) bra, and Avocado Caprice (A cut) bra



I’ve finally found the Avocado cut that works best for my shape! The Jewel, one of their H cuts, is a great fit. I’m excited to write an in-depth comparison of these two cuts. I’ve reviewed one other ‘A’ cut before, which you can find here.


You can expect the Gossard review first sometime next week, and the rest will follow in due time. Until then, here’s a cat.