Avocado H & A Cuts Compared: Jewel and Caprice

Let’s start with a cat.


Now onto the review. Full disclosure: Avocado sent me these products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Avocado is an appealing brand for many reasons, but one in particular is that they offer luxury quality lingerie in a variety of cuts, meaning there’s something that will suit a variety of bodies. More muscular people may get along better with the H cut, while those who require forward projection and narrow wires may seek the A or K cuts, and there are many more shapes to suit many more bodies on top of that. Today I’m specifically going to talk about H and A cuts. I’d like to start with a small list to just sum up basic points about each style, then get into the meat of the review.

A Cut:

Avocado Caprice, A Cut, 65E

Avocado Caprice, A Cut, 65E

  • Narrow wire width (Similar to Comexim)
  • Close to a full cup construction (straps connect to the upper panel of the cup)
  • Very projected shape
  • Centered cups (seems to be for people with a closer-set chest)

H Cut:


  • Average-to-wide wire width (similar to Cleo or Ewa Michalak 3DM bras)
  • Balcony construction (straps connect to the bottom piece of the cup)
  • Compact shape

The way I pick my size in Avocado is the same way that I pick my size in Comexim. I stick with my regular UK band size (30, which translates to a 65 in Avocado or Comexim) and then I convert my cup size by simply counting the same number of letters into their cup size alphabet. I often wear a 30DD in UK sizes so that’s five letter into the cup size alphabet.


Avocado skips double letters, meaning I couldn’t wear a DD. Instead when I count five letters into their alphabet I end up with a 30E (or 65E).


I’ve found this method to work well so far, so hopefully it works for for too! I’m sort on in between a DD and E right now in UK sizes, and found the UK 30DD (or 65E in Avocado) fit nicely.


I knew going into this that the A cut wasn’t going to be compatible with me based on my experiences with the Kyoto, but I can’t recommend this style enough to those who are constantly seeking very narrow wires with a lot of forward projection. I don’t have the projection or fullness for this style myself, as you can see by the empty space in the cups.

Caprice’s design is simple, but not simplistic. The subtle pinstripes and embroidered navy and purple accents keep a a fairly basic bra interesting. I’ve always been partial to black and navy, and this bra is no exception.

Bras with a full cup construction have been criticized on many occasions for not offering much in the way of lift. I can’t stress how untrue that is for the Caprice in the A cut. The amount of lift is definitely a standout feature of this bra. The design may be reminiscent of full cups (like the Panache Tango, for instance), but there are some definite differences that aid in the bra’s ability to lift rather dramatically. What they are exactly, I could not say as I’m not a designer, but I can tell you that the results speak quite loudly!


Caprice’s band is made of a thicker, firmer material than that of the Jewel, and in this respect I prefer it. It runs fairly tight for a 30, which is exactly what I seek in bras lately. The straps are half adjustable, which suited me just fine. I’m about 5’4 with a somewhat long torso, so if you’re exceptionally petite this may pose a problem (strap alterations are one of the easiest to perform though, so it is easily remedied!).


Jewel in the H shape suits me much, much better than the A shape. This bra reminds me quite a bit of various Cleo bras like Marcie or Meg, albiet a bit more closed on top. If you find you get along well with various Cleo cuts you may want to try the H shape in an equivalent size. Jewel’s profile is rounded and lifted, but a good deal more minimized than the dramatic lift and projection of the A cut. This is very much my idea of an “every day” shape. Somewhat natural, locked in and supported, lifted but understated.

Jewel’s design is unique with the cut-outs it features on the upper panel of the cup, mimicked my the circles around the center gore. I eat up anything related to plants when it comes to design, so the leaf motif is very much up my alley. Unfortunately I’m not much for magenta, but that’s entirely a personal preference. The colour is rich and vibrant, but for whatever reason doesn’t appeal to my specific taste.


The band is stretchier than the Caprice, and features some ornamentation around the hook and eye closure. It fits like a fairly true 30, meaning it’s just a bit too large on me, but still wearable. Just like the Caprice, the straps are half adjustable and were just fine for me, but may cause some small issues for the very petite.

A feature I’d like to mention that applies to both styles are the materials. There is a pretty obvious reason that Avocado bras sit at a higher price point than bras with similar designs that you realize as soon as you hold one, and it’s the great construction and high quality materials they choose. I have never found their mesh to be scratchy, the embroidery is always beautiful, and their bands and hook-and-eye closures are always exceptionally soft and comfortable. Both of these bras feature boning at the wings to better keep the bra in place, but it’s completely discreet. I didn’t even notice it was there until I examined the bras more closely for review. I think that speaks to the level of comfort they have achieved with their lingerie.

Do you have your eye on and styles from Avocado?