Miss Mandalay Layla Balcony Bra & Shorts Reviewed

Miss Mandalay Lyla Balcony bra and Shorts

Miss Mandalay Layla Balcony Bra and Shorts

Miss Mandalay was one of the first lingerie brands that made me stop and say “shit, that’s pretty.” Paige was the number one favourite in my bra collection for a very long time and still holds a dear place in my heart, even if I don’t currently have one that fits. Layla, however, actually threatens to take away Paige’s throne. It is currently the best fitting bra that I own, and it completely fulfills a desire that I’ve had for a long time to own a white bra. The subtle pinstripe design smartly keeps the set from looking too traditional, and helps take it into sharper looking territory while still managing to maintain a feeling of sweetness with the use of solid white and a lilac bow.

Lyla in size 30DD

Layla in size 30DD

Layla is basically a perfect match for my shape, indicating to me that it works well for a someone of relative even fullness that is neither especially shallow or projected. I find my shape works fairly well in most bras, but I don’t tend to find bras that seem perfectly tailored to me. Layla has been amazing to remind me how fantastic a bra fitted to my exact specifications feels. If you’re in the camp that finds Freya balcony balcony bras too projected or closed on top for you, Miss Mandalay may be a better option.


The band on this style definitely runs tight, meaning the 30 worked like a charm on me. It stretches to a bit under 29 inches, so if you find yourself in between sizes, I definitely recommend sizing up. Something about the material of the band itself also feels rather tight, but not uncomfortable, more that it seems to have a compressing quality kind of like I’ve discussed in my Fortnight reviews. It has a lot of give to stretch out and bounce right back.

The underwires practically disappear as far as I’m concerned, and I completely forget about them as the day goes on. That’s quite a feat for a rather high gore that tacks to my sternum and remains in place all day. These wires are a fairly narrow width, which I’ve found to be the case for every Miss Mandalay bra that I’ve tried (Paris, Paige, Amelie, and now Layla). People on the petite side will also rejoice to know that the strap placement is pretty narrow in this size, and never feel as though they’ll slip off my shoulders.





This is my first experience with matching bottoms from Miss Mandalay, and it will not be my last. They’re made of the same soft mesh as the bra, and decorated with the same lilac bow. The material doesn’t dig in uncomfortably anywhere and leaves very minimal lines, only making the smallest appearance under my thinnest khaki pants. However, their downside is that the subtle texture of the pinstripe is visible under my thinner pants as well, meaning these are off limits under some of my work clothes. For the most part though, they’re completely practical and comfortable all day long. Plus, they look super sleek with the bra. For size reference, my hips measure 35 inches at the fullest point and I got these bottoms in an XS.


Thanks to Miss Mandalay for sending me this set for review. Opinions expressed are my own. I understand this is an overwhelmingly positive review, but that is not due to the kind gift. This is legitimately my favourite wired bra at the moment. Layla is set to come out in black in the near future, and I plan on purchasing it as soon as my budget permits.