Updates With Undiegamer

  • Candi Factory

About a month ago I posted a review of a pair of undies from The Candi Factory, a Toronto based brand specializing in comfortable and quirky everyday underwear. The fit was pretty good in a size S, but I had a feeling an XS, my more or less regular size, might have been more suitable. I ordered a new pair in an extra small a little while ago, and they are just the cats pajamas.


Candi factory primarily sells two types of designs: Printed designs and hand-sewn designs. I opted for a sewn one this time, as I already own a printed pair. You can see all the stitches, done in a contrasting thread, and even the knots where the thread was tied. The handmade quality is great!


All the things I said in my previous review stand: These are the comfiest undies that I own, they’re adorable, and they never ride up my bum. Only now they’re even better because they fit perfectly!


  • Fortnight, Ewa Michalak & Mimi Holliday

I ordered a new Fortnight set and I’m really pumped about it. It’s a deep mossy green colour that appears kind of grey or blue in some lights. It’s a new version of the Mira longline that I already own and love. I’ll be sure to share photos when it arrives!

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.57.55 AM

I have a couple of new Ewa Michalak sets on the way as well that I look forward reviewing for you all. They’re part of the newest collection, and I’m quite curious to see them in the flesh. If you’re interested in the Szarotka or Summertime and are seeking fit information, then stay tuned.

I’m saving up for a Mimi Holliday comfort bra, hence my recent selling rampage. I miss having one that fits very much, and I have my eye on Sticky Toffee Pudding. I mean… I also have my eye on like five other comfort bras, but baby steps…



  • Bravely Default

I beat the game! Yay! Sort of.


You’re given the chance to make a decision that affects the game’s outcome, and I chose the “not real” outcome. So I’m actually continuing to play from the point where they let you make that decision (as the game so kindly lets you go back to that point after you beat the game with the “not true” ending). I liked my ending though, and the decision I made that brought me to that ending was important to me! It was actually difficult to go back and replay it because it meant not making a pivotal decision that just felt incorrect in my gut not to do. But alas, more gaming content? Yes please. When I truly finish this terribly addicting game I’ll probably begin Fire Emblem Awakening.


  • Art Things

My 9-5 Monday to Friday job is starting to bog down my creativity, and I’m not liking it one bit. I’ve been thinking of ways to fix that, but I haven’t come up with anything concrete yet. I was doing art shows earlier this year, but I didn’t really like the scene. The shows all took place in clubs, and the crowd didn’t seem very interested in the art. It’s like an art scene somewhere between galleries and craft shows, and it turns out it’s not for me at all. My biggest stumbling block is that I just don’t have a lot of time for art making with the hours I work, and with no guaranteed place to show the art it feels sort of useless to make it in the first place. It might be fun to start a Tumblr for my art, maintain my Etsy shop more, or really dive into a new project. But wow, it’s difficult to find the energy for any of that right now. I’m working on it though! I have the ideas, I just have to find the energy and time to create them, and the right outlet to show the work.

In the meantime, while it’s not exactly the artsiest art I’ve ever arted, here’s a picture of a cool bug I found a little while ago.