Claudette Fishnet Scoop Reviewed

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Claudette’s fishnet scoop is, stylistically speaking, exactly what I’ve been looking for in lingerie lately. It’s a sporty and androgynous design that’s unique in the world of full bust underthings. Making use of strong lines and vibrant colour, it’s both fun and streamlined. I managed to pick up this bra in a Zulily sale for about half the price of what it generally goes for ($88 down to $42). If you don’t know about Zulily and are interested in getting beautiful lingerie for a deal, I highly recommend signing up with them to receive their sale updates.

Claudette Fishnet Scoop in Aqua, 30DD

Claudette Fishnet Scoop in Aqua, 30DD


The Fishnet Scoop’s cup construction is pretty unique. It features tall and shallow cups with fairly narrow underwires. I frequently hear from those with a tall and shallow shape looking for options specifically suited toward them, and I don’t typically have recommendations aside from halfcup bras– not anymore! The fishnet scoop seems perfectly tailored for this shape, but if you happen to carry a lot of fullness toward the center of your chest, you may run into some issues with the cups cutting in. I’m pretty evenly shaped and fairly round naturally, and as you can see I get a bit of cutting in toward the center of my chest. It seems like every bra I go for lately is suited to a shape less full and more shallow than mine, but I can’t seem to help myself when the design is this interesting! It causes no discomfort and doesn’t show under my clothes, so I’m not particularly fussed, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing this bra.


The shape is pretty phenomenal, especially under clothing. It looks lifted and rounded out without turning my chest into floating orbs. The shape is also fairly compact, which is a feature that I personally love in a bra. This means that it holds everything in pretty close to my chest, rather than projecting everything outward. It should be noted that this bra does not have a side sling though, and only one seam shaping the cups. Larger cup sizes may find that it doesn’t bring you front and center, so to speak. The narrow wires do help in this regard though.

In a 30DD the band feels kind of like the Panache Andorra, which is to say it’s fairly firm, but definitely not like a 28 band. I can fasten it on the tightest hooks, but prefer wearing it on the loosest for comfort. If you’re in between sizes you might consider sizing up, but that depends entirely on how tight you like your bands to fit. The band remains parallel to the floor and stays in place all day, the center gore tacks comfortably without digging in, and the wires and strap placement are a great width for my narrow frame. I am over all really happy with the fit of this bra, despite some shape incompatibility.


The materials on this bra feel wonderful. The mesh, which I worried might be scratchy or stiff, is soft, flexible and strong. The velvet straps took a bit of getting used to though. They are half adjustable with absolutely no stretch to them. I generally have a bit of a bad reaction to velvet for some reason. I guess it’s a material that I read as old? Maybe too extravagant for me? But in limited quantities it turns out I’m okay with it. The matte quality of the black velvet suits this bra well, so I think it was a great choice.

This bra is such a welcome addition to my drawer, but I don’t think it will stick around as a staple when I manage to get my hands on some styles that are better suited for my fuller shape. I’m very happy to have an underwired option that’s comfortable right now though since most of my current bras are wireless. Highly recommend to tall shallow shapes who want a seriously cool bra.

PS, I cut off almost all of my hair. Feels great.

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