Wish List on a Lazy Sunday

I managed to keep my whole weekend free. No people to see, no real responsibilities other than tending to my kitty and some general chores. I figured this would be a great weekend to work on some art projects I’ve got on the go, and yet here I am making a wish list. The art will come in time, but for now, let’s take a look at a different kind of art.

From left to right: All Undone Mai and Lola

Left to right: All Undone Mai and Lola. Images from All Undone’s website

All Undone is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a full bust brand: They sleek, simple, no frills lingerie with a focus on fit. What more is there to ask for? Mai is probably the bra I desire most in the world at the moment, but Lola is certainly second place for me from All Undone. Coming in at roughly $135 CAD per bra, these pretties are out of my budget at the moment, but I’m hoping to give them a try one day.  Size ranges from 28-24 DD-GG.

Left to right: Fortnight Mira slip and Fortnight Mira bodysuit

Left to right: Fortnight Mira slip and Fortnight Mira bodysuit in navy/black. Images from Fortnight’s website

Lately my lingerie taste has been expanding. Bodysuits and slips tickle my fancy, and garter belts look adorable. I don’t own any of these itms yet, but I feel the desire coming on. Like All Undone, Fortnight is not an inexpensive brand, but the price reflects the quality and well as the difficulty of the work (each garment is designed and manufactured in Toronto, Ontario). With the slip coming in at $165 and the body at $158, these pieces really put the “wish” in “wish list” for me! Sizes S-XL available.

Sophia Icon bra by Claudette

Sophia Icon bra by Claudette in purple. Image from True and Co.com

I have had my eye on the Sophia Icon bra for months now, but finding it in a 28 band from a location that does refunds as opposed to credit notes and exchanges has been a real struggle. This purple shade is delicious though, so hopefully I’ll be able to locate it! If not, it’s also set to come out in black in the upcoming season which would be just as lovely. Fair Frou Frou currently has the Papaya and Navy colourway available for $72 in a large size range.

Left to right: Comexim Paradise plunge and Ingrid plunge

Left to right: Comexim Paradise plunge and Ingrid plunge. Images from Comexim’s website

Oh Comexim, your prints make me weak in the knees. If I were more confident about what size to order, these puppies would be mine already. I’ve coveted the Paradise since before I began blogging, and the Ingrid reminds me of the Ewa Michalak Lato, the bra I think of as “the one that got away.” Coming in at roughly $43 CAD per bra, they’re quite affordable. The ever-awesome Amy over at Fussy Busty kindly offered to send me her Paradise bra so I can get a feel for what size I’d need. Should I manage to determine my size form that, these could reasonably be mine not too long from now. Thanks Amy!

Left to right: Fortnight Vega wireless longline and Vega underwired demi bra

Left to right: Fortnight Vega wireless longline and Vega underwired demi bra in wine. Images from Fortnight’s website

Can you tell that I’ve become a bit Fortnight obsessed? Vega is easily the coolest bra in my collection at the moment, and it would be a lie to say I don’t want another. The wine colour is stunning, and I am extremely curious about the fit of the demi bra. I had the chance to try on one of Fortnight’s underwired bras back when I was a 28F (tried it in a 30E) and the fit was divine, but sadly was out of my budget. With the longline retailing at $110 and the demi bra at $138, these are still out of my budget, but what are wishlists for right?

Ewa Michalak S Bambino

Ewa Michalak S Bambino. Image from Ewa Michalak’s website

This bra didn’t really catch my attention when it was released, but I’ve had some time to sit on it and I’m loving it lately. The soft greys and pinks with the small lace trim are just adorable. The little pom poms at the centre gore, which normally wouldn’t be my first choice, suit this bra wonderfully because of how the echo the polkadot print. While what I desire most often are minimalistic bras, this one is just too darn cute to ignore. Retailing at roughly $54 CAD, it’s a fairly affordable bra, and I always love the way Ewa Michalak bras fit me, so the risk factor is pretty low. Could this be making its way into my collection sometime soon?

Peter Pan collar 'Cranberry' Floral Cotton set by Ohhh Lulu

Peter Pan collar ‘Cranberry’ Floral Cotton set by Ohhh Lulu. Image from Ohhh Lulu’s Etsy store

Is this not simply the best?! I almost flipped the table when I saw the little collar on this. I would probably opt to order a camisole and matching panties in this print rather than the bralette, but I hope smaller busted lingerie lovers wear this set with pride (so I can live vicariously through you…). The set retails for $94 from Ohhh Lulu’s Etsy shop.

Miss Mandalay Amelie in black/navy

Miss Mandalay Amelie in black/navy. Image from Miss Mandalay’s website

This bra is an absolute show stopper, and would look beautiful with the Fortnight Mira slip for some additional support. This bra may look delicate, but it’s incredibly supportive for something so slinky. Retailing at roughly $79 CAD on Miss Mandalay’s website, it’s on the pricey side, but the quality of the fit and materials are wonderful.

What’s on your wish list?