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Anime Review: Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill is an anime about a delinquent high school girl who finds a sentient sailor outfit that, after drinking her blood, transforms her into something resembling a scantily clad gundam, which… Continue reading

Toradora! The Best Christmas Episode

A very quick post, because I’m feeling festive. Most “slice of life” anime include a Christmas themed episode. While most are cute and enjoyable, there’s only one that I’ve seen so far stands… Continue reading

What Undies Would Anaru Wear?

Hello world! I’m beginning a new series of short blog posts today dedicated to speculating what undies my favourite anime and video game characters would wear. Each post will cover one character at… Continue reading

This is How I Feel About…

Knowing about all the pretty lingerie, but being unable to afford it. -Windie

Anime and Self-Esteem

This might seem like a strange topic, but it’s very applicable for me, and I’m going to assume for many other anime watchers world-wide. So sometimes I’m watching a show like… let’s say… Continue reading

List of Animated Movies You Should Watch

Hey all! Here’s a little list of animated movies I recommend. I should say that there are a couple of movies on this list that I have heard are fantastic, but I haven’t… Continue reading

Yellow Paige and General Updates (Anime, Games, bras and Books!)

So clearly based on the title you can tell that my yellow and white Miss Mandalay Paige bra came in the mail today. I got it on sale from Bravissimo and couldn’t be… Continue reading

Things I am Playing and Watching

I figure every now and then I’ll make a quick post just to list what I’m currently watching and playing to y’all. So here’s the first one of those! Playing: Bit Trip Runner:… Continue reading