Fortnight Mira in Lilac Lace

Every now and then you find a bra that feels like a revelation. I’m no stranger to Fortnight’s Mira collection, but I had never tried the lace rendition until now.

Fortnight Mira in Lilac Lace, size 30E

Fortnight Mira in Lilac Lace, size 30E

The lilac lace Mira is the best fit I’ve yet to find from the brand, and conveniently, in one of my favourite colours. It’s the material and slight difference in cut that work so well with my shape. The recurring incompatibility I have with Fortnight bras is that my fairly even, rounded shape sometimes results in the cup cutting in a bit even in the proper size. Almost every wireless bra I’ve encountered seems to be designed with a wider set and less naturally round shape in mind. The regular jersey version of Mira has always been the best at accommodating my rounder shape because of its stretchy jersey, but the lace Mira is a real stand out in this respect.

The cut of the bra itself seems to be more centered than other cuts I’ve tried from Fortnight. You can see how the cups are curved to wrap around my center fullness, encasing it completely. The center between the cups is even pretty close to my sternum, which I can only explain as witchcraft, given my shape and size.


I purchased this bra in a 30E, and love the fit. I don’t want to make a sweeping statement like “purchase a cup size up from what you’d get in the jersey Mira,” because I think this is a case entrenched in the subtleties of  bra fitting. If anything I feel this bra may be even more forgiving than the jersey version, and yet on me, the 30E is just perfect. I frequently waffle from 30DD to 30E, so I think my size choice has more to do with what my body is currently doing rather than the cut of the garment. I would recommend trying this style on before buying, but if you can’t and are stuck ordering online, stick with your regular cup size. You can always exchange if it doesn’t quite work! Also keep in mind that as per usual, the band is cut quite small for a 30. If you’re in between sizes, you may want to size up.

This bra fits so well it actually freaks me out a little bit. I can’t find a single position in which it doesn’t fit me as I’d like it to. No spillage, no gaping, no matter how I move. I find it doesn’t provide as much lift or shaping as some of Fortnight’s other materials as the lace is very soft, but the support is definitely still there. I can run up and down the stairs and feel totally locked in despite its gentle appearance. If you’ve tried Mimi Holliday’s comfort bras, the shape is a bit reminiscent of them.


Given how perfect this bra feels on me, I couldn’t pass on the matching knickers to complete the set. The bikini style knickers fit me well in a size small. I had previously worn a medium in all Fortnight bottoms because that is the size that fit me in their Vega briefs. However, I’ve come to realize that Vega runs fairly small and is more of an exception to the rule. A small in the Mira collection seems to be the right size for me (I tend to wear an XS or S in other brands, meaning they run pretty normally). The gusset is very comfortable. It’s wide enough for me to feel totally contained, and made of a breathable cotton. The lace in the back is the same as the bra, meaning it’s soft and quite forgiving. These undies won’t give you a seamless appearance, but that’s not what they’re designed for, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My hips measure around 35 inches at the fullest point, if you’re looking for a point of reference when picking your size for the bottoms.



I have no doubt in my mind that the lace Mira will become a staple in my drawer. If I’ve been wearing an underwired bra at work all day, even a comfortable one, the first thing I want to do when I get home is put this bra on. I think that’s pretty impressive.

If you’re looking for more details about Fortnight lingerie, I’ve reviewed a few of their other offerings here.