Foxers B-Strings

Hello friends! I gave up. I gave in. My quest for panties with no VPL ended in thongs despite myself. I saw Foxers for the first time on Knicker Nomad’s blog not too long ago and thought that thongs with a thick band, akin to boy’s boxers, were exactly the kind of thongs I could get into. I ordered two: One in an aqua colour and chevron pattern, and an extremely discounted pair in beige and white.


The aqua undies are by far my favourite of the two in terms of fit and design. They were considerably more expensive than the beige pair, so I have a feeling this may be an updated pattern. The main difference between the beige pair and the aqua pair is the coverage. The aqua pair looks almost like a regular bikini brief from the front, a bit more narrow of course, but the coverage is pretty decent. Beige pair is very narrow and basically covers just as much as it needs to. That aesthetic isn’t really for me, so naturally I gravitated toward the aqua pair.

The waistband is every bit as comfortable as I hoped it would be. If my other undies just sort of gain a waistband like this tonight while I sleep, you won’t see me complaining.



Foxers B-Strings were decent, but unfortunately they didn’t quite pass the test for me. I loved the material choice of the waistband, gusset, and the whole front of the undies. My issue was with the materials chosen for the back. The edges of the string are finished with a material that I found sort of itchy and unforgiving, so it caused me some discomfort during the day. I’d get a sort of pinching sensation that took me a couple hours to really forget about. I’ve worn thongs that didn’t behave this way, so unfortunately I think I will be passing on B-Strings in the future. It’s unfortunate because the styling and materials chosen elsewhere on them are really wonderful.



I ordered both of these in an XS as per their size chart, and they are definitely the right size for me. Big thumbs up to the accuracy of their size chart!

Will I buy more thongs from Foxers? Probably not. I wouldn’t write them off though because it’s possible the back was uncomfortable on my body, but would feel fine on yours. Given their numerous other qualities, I think they’re worth a shot if you’re seeking a thong with a cool design twist. I will however definitely be purchasing are some of their boxers and boyshorts, because if these materials are any indication, those must be next-level comfortable.