Ewa Michalak CHP Szarotka Bra & Thong Reviewed

The CHP Szarotka, while not exactly my style, is a fantastic option for anyone from an A to GG cup seeking a frilly half cup option with fantastic lift. Full disclosure: This set was provided by Ewa Michalak for review. The size was chosen based on my measurements, and the set was selected for me. Opinions are entirely my own.

Ewa Michalak CHP, 65DD

Ewa Michalak CHP Szarotka, 65DD

I have owned one CHP bra in the past and we didn’t really get along, but to no fault of mine or the bra’s, we were simply incompatible. That bra gave me a very lifted, spherical, projected shape, and the very same can be said about the Szarotka. This bra essentially transforms my chest into floating orbs.

I received this bra in a 65DD (equivalent to a 30DD) which is my more-or-less standard size, and it appears to tick all the boxes that constitute a proper fit. However, the experience I have while wearing it suggests a different story. The cups encase all of my breast tissue, and the half-cup style fits as it should, revealing the upper half of my chest without causing any spillage out the top or sides of the bra. The only quibble in this department is that I simply don’t like playing up my chest, so it isn’t very wearable for me. The band is where the real trouble starts though. It doesn’t appear to dig in, doesn’t show an signs of being too firm, but I simply can’t feel comfortable in it. The material is quite stiff compared to other Ewa Michalak bras, and those already run firm for 65 bands. I imagine a 70D is my best size in most Ewa Michalak bras. I suspected this would be the case, as I’ve been wearing 30 bands in every other brand, and Ewa Michalak bras have historically always run a band size small.


If you find you need more projected styles and short, narrow wires, this may be a great option for you. The open cups work for my even fullness, and fuller on top folk would probably also get along with this style well. I’m unsure about how full on bottom people would fair, but it’s worth a shot if you’re really into the design. Plus, it comes with push up pads, so if you find you can’t quite fill out the bra, you can just pop one in for some extra help. Shallow shapes may find the cups too deep, but once again, the push up pads give it some versatility that may make it work for you if you’re head over heels for the design!


If you’re interested in trying this bra, but don’t see your size in the drop down menu, here is a chart of what other sizes can be custom ordered:

55C – 55G

60B – 60FF




85AA – 85C

90A – B

My favourite part of this set is by far the floral print. I’m not much for the pink lace and bows, but this grey/pink floral is really unusual.


Onto the thong! I’m not much for thongs, but I’m pretty impressed with this one. The materials are soft and silky, and the lace doesn’t chafe with wear. I didn’t find the style uncomfortable, despite generally disliking thongs. This isn’t too surprising, as I’ve always found EM’s matching underwear to be good quality. These undies are a bit big for me in my regular size (36), but my hips do measure 35 inches, putting me right in between sizes in Ewa Michalak’s underwear. I think a size down would have been optimal, so if you’re in between sizes I’d go for the smaller size in this particular style.


I’m planning to hold onto the undies despite the imperfect fit, but seeing as the bra didn’t work for me, I’d like to pass it along to someone who could use it. That’s right, give away time! Just leave a comment below if you’d like the bra and I’ll pick one at random on Sunday, July 19th (one week from now), and that lucky individual will receive the CHP Szarotka. All I ask is that you pay the cost of shipping, and it’s yours!


Til’ next time,