RE: I Can’t Live Without You

Back in June, Lamb over at Of Lamb’s and Lace put together a post containing 19 women’s responses to the question “what four pieces of lingerie can’t you live without?” The afore mentioned post is aptly titled “I Can’t Live Without You: A Social Experiment of Sorts.” Being a lover of collective information, I wanted to add to her responses and be number 20, even if my response is a touch late.




  • Candi Factory Briefs


By far the comfiest undies that have ever touched my bottom. I only have one pair right now that fits me, but I can’t wait to stock up.

  • Fortnight Mira in Sky/Peach


I’ve found Mira to be the most forgiving of Fortnight’s longlines, and this colourway is possibly prettiest iteration. Mira fits through all of my little size fluctuations due to the stretchy jersey. The gentle support, lack of wires and beautiful colour combination makes this one of my all time favourite bras.

  • Miss Mandalay Layla Balcony Bra


Soft, beautiful, and a perfect fit. This is one of my most reliable bras that I will gladly purchase over and over. The matching undies fall just short of making this list, but are also terrific.

  • Mimi Holliday Sticky Toffee Pudding Thong


I’m not a thong person, and yet these undies are just perfect. When I want a seamless appearance, these are my favourite undies to turn to. They make me feel awesome (and look really great with the Sky/Peach Mira).


Now I wonder if you posed this question to me in a month, would my answers be the same? Maybe I’ll re-evaluate in a while to find out. It’s amazing how quickly our preferences can change. This time last year the Cleo Marcie and Panache Sport would certainly have been on this list, but we change and grow and find new options, and some bras just stop fitting as well when your size changes fairly drastically. I wonder what new, amazing pieces I’ll have a year from now?