The Candi Factory

You know those evil advertisements that creep in the sidebar of various websites that you visit, tailored to your specific interests? Well, surprise surprise, one of them caught my eye, but I’m kind of glad it did.

The Candi Factory is a company from Toronto, Ontario that creates each pair of undies locally, with the philosophy of great fit and fun in mind. The company’s founder, Candice, set out to create undies that would not slowly make their way up our bums throughout the day. From one girl who had her panties in a bunch to another: Candice- I salute you.


I contacted Candice to let her know I was interested in reviewing her undies here on the ol’ blog, and she was kind enough to send a sample pair. I was a bit conflicted as to weather I should get an XS or S, but after some advice from Candice I opted for the S.

The first thing that struck me about these undies was the fabric. It felt thicker than anything I was used to, and wonderfully smooth. I was worried they would be much too large when I saw them, but once I got them on my body they actually felt great. The gusset is super wide, which if you haven’t noticed from how I’ve talked about other panties, is only a positive from my perspective. And check it out, there’s a pattern on the inside!


The black birds on the front appear to be some sort of screen print or iron on, and they really pop off the beige base. The hot pink seams lining the edges are also an unexpected and fun choice for this otherwise subdued pair of undies. I’ve washed these undies four times now, and noticed one of the birds didn’t appreciate the first wash very much and began to fade, but the others remain in tact! The undies haven’t changed shape at all, and the fabric itself hasn’t changed texture or faded. I’ll be sure to update if anything changes, but these feel as though they’re made to last.


The edges don’t lay totally flat, so I only wear these undies with dresses that don’t cling to my lower half or thicker jeans. This makes up a lot of my non-work wardrobe though, so they suit my lifestyle quite well. These undies actually have a special purpose though: Pajamas. I love sleeping in a loose t-shirt and a pair of comfortable underwear, and so far these have made the absolute best PJ undies I’ve encountered. Perhaps it’s not the most conventional use for them, but there are few feelings as great as having a warm shower at night, and slipping into these comfy things while I settle in for a sleepy night with my Nintendo DS and a cup of tea. I plan on stocking up on a few pairs for this purpose alone.

While the S is a comfortable fit, I think I may get along better with an XS instead with my 35 inch hips. The fabric has some give to it, and I think they may sit a bit higher than intended on me. The gusset sits further back than my other undies, which may be a sign that they’re a touch large on me, and I have a decent amount of space in the back. This could simply be a case of being in between sizes, but I’ll definitely be giving an XS a shot to compare the fit and see which I prefer. Oh, and the promise of not riding up your bum? Yup, it’s real. Floss free and happy over here.

They look especially great with my Luna longline. These undies make great companions for more streamlined bras.

They look especially great with my Luna longline. These undies make great companions for more streamlined bras.