Aerie Boybriefs

While I’m usually willing to shell out some extra money on my bras to get something that I truly love to wear, I tend not to be as generous with my undies. I try to avoid spending more than $10 per pair, and buying in bulk is always preferred. For most of my life my undies have just kind of been a non-factor. Recently, I’ve been branching out to more expensive pieces on occasion, but I still prefer finding inexpensive options when I’m dealing with my everyday undies. In the spirit of bargains, a couple of years ago I decided to try Aerie’s boybriefs, and my bum has been very pleased ever since!


Now what if I told you that you can get 7 pairs for $26.50, or 4 seamless pairs also for $26.50?


Nope! It’s legit. And they’re great. Boybriefs feature a low rise, full rear coverage and are made of a comfortable cotton blend that never itches. They come in an array of patterns and colours– but the best part? They never ride up my bum.


I know, I know. Most of us have been traumatized by undies riding up our bums all day, so I understand and empathize with your skepticism that a bargain pair of undies could defy what seems to be a law of nature.

The only couple of downsides to Aerie’s boybriefs are the longevity of the undies, and the seams that show under my pants. Sadly, the colours and patterns on Aerie boybriefs do fade, and their shape does change after a number of washes. A particular pair I own that recently hit its 2nd Birthday looks very, very worn, and I probably won’t be hanging onto it much longer. However, considering the price point this is to be expected.


Now onto panty lines. I frequently wear tops that cover my bum anyway, so most days I can wear whatever undies I want. But when I’m wearing fitted pants and my shirt tucked in at work, I would like for my panty lines not to be displayed for the office to see. So enter Aerie’s seamless boybriefs.


Their seamless boybriefs are a recent development, and a smart one from my perspective considering they would address my only two quibbles with the original boybriefs. Comfortable, full coverage, seamless, and a higher quality fabric for greater longevity? Sounds too good to be true. So how do they perform? Well, decently, but they’re not perfect.

In terms of materials, I find them even more comfortable than the regular boybriefs, and I predict they won’t fade or change shape to nearly the same extent as the regular boybriefs (I’ll be sure to follow up on this is a few months). They have a silkier quality about them that just glides over your skin and feels like a great big hug for your bum. The gusset is a bit wider than the original boybrief (a welcome change from my perspective), and the waistband never digs in. The regular boybriefs have some slight dig in at the waist, nothing crazy, but they don’t have the “barely there” quality that their seamless counterpart does. Sadly though, and unlike the original boybriefs, these undies do seem to make their way up your bum over the course of the day.


As far as the seamless functionality goes, they do outperform the regular boybriefs, but they are not completely invisible. They disappear under my jeans and thicker dresses, but sadly, they are still visible under my khaki pants that I typically wear to work. It’s definitely more tolerable than the regular boybriefs, but to call these seamless is a bit misleading.

Despite their not-so-seamless quality, they are my favourite everyday undies at the moment because they are just so darn comfortable and affordable. However, the hunt for non-thong, non-tanga underwear that disappears under my pants must continue! Expect to see quite a few underwear reviews while I search for some amazing seamless panties. It’ll be fun, I swear. Any recommendations?