Artists of Etsy: 8bit Aesthetics Com

Every now and then I still bust out my Gameboy Colour, usually to replay an old Pokemon game. One of my most memorable experiences playing my Gameboy as an adult was thoroughly abusing glitches in Pokemon Yellow version. I broke the game to a point where I saw an entirely different map of the Pokemon Centre, but I haven’t been able to find any information about this glitch online or recreate it. Part of me feels like it must have been a dream– but I’m telling you, I know what I saw, and it was a small, black version of the Pokemon Centre, and nurse Joy looked weird.


While I love my Gameboy Colour, I also love the back-lit screens that come with modern handheld consoles because I like to, well, see what I’m doing. So you can imagine I was pretty pleased when I saw this while browsing Etsy the other day:

8bit Aesthetics Com creates custom designed Gameboy and Gameboy Colour systems, all with frontlit or backlit screens. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “gee, I would sure love a backlit original Gameboy with a Megaman design,” well, this is your new favourite store.


Or how about a neon coloured NES controller?



The shop is located in New York, ships world wide, and has perfect customer feedback. If I ever find the budgetary room, I will definitely be getting myself a tricked out Gameboy Colour. If only these existed when I was 8, I would have been the coolest kid in the schoolyard at recess. Oh, and there’s a Gengar Gameboy.