Fortnight Mira Slip Reviewed

Mira slip in Navy/Black, size small

Mira slip in Navy/Black, size small

I’ve owned only a couple of slips in my life, and they have been purely functional. Mira from Fortnight is the first slip I’ve ever wanted to own not only for its functionality, but for its design. While there are a lot of great colour combinations to choose from, the navy and black Mira range continues to be my favourite, so imagine my happiness when I managed to get my hands on this beauty!

Slips have a couple of uses for me. The first is of course to wear under dresses to reduce cling. I chose not to wear dresses for a long time because I could not stand the way they would cling to my legs when I walked, or stick to my bottom after getting up from a long bus ride (sad, but true). Once I realized what slips were for (I’m slow on the uptake), I began loving dresses. The second use is that they make great lounge wear during warmer months. This one may be a bit revealing if you live with a roommate who doesn’t care to see your bottom, as the back is made of (delightfully soft) black lace, but in my case it’s perfectly practical. And the third reason I like slips?


mira1They just make me feel good. I feel feminine and wispy in this slip, but not as if I’m in a costume, as can occasionally happen when I wear very feminine clothing. The interesting colour combination and restrained design keeps it feeling cool and elegant, which I feel more comfortable in than something in the frilly direction of feminine. I can always appreciate those pieces from afar, but they never quite feel right on me– always just a bit off kilter.

Fit wise, I think the small is the best choice for me. It’s a bit small in the bust, but I’m not particularly concerned by this as it feels comfortable and looks nice on its own and under my dresses. Interestingly, the small slips use the same cups as the 30DD wireless longlines. The longlines fit me near perfectly in a 30DD right now, but since slips don’t fit exactly like bras, the results aren’t identical. The bra remains in place around my ribcage, which means the cups can stretch to contain my breast tissue (a feature I do not think is an accident, as Fortnight’s longlines always feature a sturdy yet stretchy material). Since the slip isn’t anchored to my body, it can’t really utilize the stretch of the cups. If I adjust the straps tighter, the cups travel up my bust. However, a medium would be loose in the body, and I suspect the cups would wrinkle, taking away from the smooth appearance under clothing. The fit through the body feels absolutely perfect though– comfortably fitted. Nothing is too tight or too loose.


For reference, my bust measures around 31 inches, my waist is around 25-26 inches depending on the day, and my hips are about 35 inches. If these measurements are similar to yours, I would suggest the Fortnight Mira slip in a size small if you want a fitted appearance.


‘Til next time,