Cleo Marcie: Purple is Awesome

If any of you were on the fence about getting Marcie by Cleo in the Bravissimo exclusive purple colour

Marcie, 28FF

Marcie, 28FF

It is beautiful in person, I couldn’t be more satisfied. Hands down my favourite Marcie colour. The deep purple balances out the “cutsiness” of the design, and the result is just wonderful. I’ve always loved the fit of Marcie, but admittedly the design isn’t actually up my alley (I almost never tried the bra because of this actually, boy would that have been unfortunate!). Miss Underpinning’s recent post about the Middle Market really reflects what I want from my lingerie, and I feel the purple Marcie is moving just a little bit more in that direction, at least more so than it’s sweetly coloured predecessors.

More reviews and full-length posts to come soon. In the meantime, here’s something adorable:aG9e3P0_460sa