Andorra: Fashion and Continuity Differences

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So sometimes fashion colours and continuity colours differ in fit, and I’m not quite sure why. The most common reason I encounter for this is the dye used to darken or colour a bra can have a shrinking effect (darker colours often run smaller or tighter than their lighter coloured counterparts), but sometimes the differences are almost unexplainable. This was the case for the Andorra. I’ve now tried Andorra in black, pearl, spice and lagoon, and so far my theory applies to all of these bras.

Andorra in "spice" and black

Andorra in “spice” and black

My thoughts are simple: Continuity Andorras (black and pearl) have stiffer lace, smaller cups, and tighter bands than fashion Andorras, regardless of colour.

I’ve had my black Andorra for many months, and have considered it one of my go to bras when I need a dark colour and firm support throughout the day. I’ve been very hyped about all the awesome fashion colours Andorra is set to come out in (spice is awesome, and teal and tangerine look amazing too). But immediately upon putting on the spice version, something felt a little off. Then I remembered that when I owned a lagoon Andorra in a 28F, the fit was also different compared to the black Andorra I owned in the same size, in exactly the same way the spice Andorra differed in fit from my current black one. I took note of the differences between my spice Andorra and black Andorra, and this is the list I’ve come up with:

  • Spice colour has long straps. I have to tighten them up to my shoulders. Black version tighten comfortably
  • Spice version has less stiff feeling lace. I did a bounce test with both colours, and black Andorra won. The spice Andorra, as you may have guessed, has softer lace which some may find more comfortable
  • Band is a bit looser on the spice Andorra. I actually also have a fairly new black Andorra in a 28G specifically for my period, so I was able to compare the band to it since it hasn’t stretched much
  • Cups are a bit bigger over all on the spice Andorra, and feel less supportive

The fit looks almost identical when pictured, but feels very different on the body. I was most surprised by how bouncy the spice Andorra was, whereas the black one really locks me in

Of course, some of you may be thinking “but Windie, the black Andorra is darker! Isn’t this just an issue of dye?” And to that I say NO, it is not. My pearl Andorra runs very similarly to my black one. The differences are so marginal I couldn’t even present them confidently as differences between two colours, when they could simply be differences in the manufacturing process. My current pearl Andorra is actually a fraction smaller in the cup than my black one, something I don’t think is worth looking into deeply without more data points about OTHER pearl Andorras.

This shouldn’t necessarily deter folk from buying fashion colour Andorras, but being aware of the fit differences can help you evaluate whether or they would be a wise purchase given your specific bra wants/needs.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before, but these sort of “dissection” posts are some of my favourite to write. I like looking closely at the fit of bras and finding trends. Makes me feel good and happy and excited.

good and happy and excited

good and happy and excited

So hopefully more of these to come in the future 🙂