Freya Patsy Longline Reviewed

Freya Patsy Longline bra, 28FF

Freya Patsy Longline bra, 28FF

Ohh happy days. It took nearly a month, but Patsy is finally mine. I had initially received a 28F Patsy by mistake, and let me tell you, I was so smitten with it upon receiving it that waiting for my replacement size felt like a looong couple of weeks. Fit wise, Patsy is everything Just Flew In wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, Just Flew In was lovely and a nice fit to boot, but Patsy corrects every tiny incompatibility that JFI and I had. Let’s get started.

Here's a photo that's less tampered with so you get a proper idea of the colour. This sucker is bright!

Here’s a photo that’s less tampered with so you get a proper idea of the colour. This sucker is bright!

In comparison to the Just Flew In longline, Patsy has bigger cups and a tighter band, but the wires feel about the same in both models. I would say Patsy is more of a “normal” 28FF than JFI. The cup shape seems to suit shallow to moderate boobs, but you may run into fit problems if your breasts have a lot of projection. This has been the case with every Freya padded half cup style I’ve tried to date, so they seem to be fairly consistent with this cup shape. The wires feel like an average width for UK brands, which means they are just a bit too wide for me, but this barely affects the fit in my case. I get a teeny bit of empty space at the side of the cups, which doesn’t bother me since the lift/shaping is fantastic.


I have to admit, I was initially disappointed that Freya did not release a longline version of the peacock blue Patsy that came out around the same time. I felt robbed of the blue longline of my dreams I tell ya’, and I’ve never been a big pink lover (except when I was four). But now, I think I may have been too quick to judge this bra. The colour is actually lovely, and very flattering on my pale skin (and I think would be equally as flattering on darker skin as well). Despite the playful polkadots, the shade of pink doesn’t feel too “candy-like,” it’s more of a mature salmon or coral shade that keeps the bra from feeling too painfully cute/young. From a design perspective, I feel it’s more cohesive looking than Just Flew In largely because of the straps. JFI had those thick embroidered straps that Freya seems so fond of, while Patsy’s straps are made of the same pattered material as the rest of the bra, a welcome change in my opinion!


Look! Closed on the loosest set of hooks! It’s a miracle

For me, Patsy’s only real downside is more of a general issue I have with Freya, which is that the straps are much too long for me. I have to tighten them up onto my shoulders, which isn’t a terribly comfortable place for the adjusters to sit. Luckily this is an easy alteration, so I’m sure I’ll shorten the straps eventually.

I’m THRILLED about Patsy, and am now hoping and praying that Freya decides to make a black continuity Patsy longline, because that would just be the best thing.