Masquerade Amor Reviewed

From Maddie, a molded bra that did not work, to my new favourite t-shirt bra (aside from perhaps the Panache Sports bra, which is just legendary). The Amor was another bra that I heard ran small in the cup, so I sized up to a 28G for this one.

Masquerade Amor, 28G in Sapphire

Masquerade Amor, 28G in Sapphire

The Amor is a molded cup bra that makes a great alternative to the Deco if your boobs don’t fit that mold. This bra seems somehow more forgiving, perhaps the curve of the cup? If you found you had issues with the Deco and are seeking a padded bra, give the Amor a shot. The sweetheart neckline is also quite unique, and I prefer it to the deeper plunge of the Deco. Design-wise, I adore this bra. The satiny material offset by the matte material lining the top of the cups looks cooly elegant, and the little seams at the bottom of each cup add a special little something. You’ll be pleased to know that the seams are flat, and I haven’t found them to show under clothing. They are just decorative, and have nothing to do with the structure of the bra.


The shape I get in the Amor is crazy round and lifted, definitely a serious boost. This bra fits my larger side absolutely perfectly, but of course, is a touch big on my smaller side. Thankfully, the cups retain their shape and the curve of the cup is forgiving enough that the edge does not show under my t-shirts on the side that isn’t perfectly filled. Because I had to size up in this style, it is a teensy bit high under the arms, but it’s not uncomfortable. It’s more that I can just feel “hey, there’s material there that isn’t normally there.” I don’t experience awful chafing or rubbing.


larger side pictured

True to Masquerade, the materials feel top notch. Like the Rhea, this is a bra I don’t feel like taking off at the end of the day because the band and cups are just so soft. I do experience a little bit of the “orange in the glass” effect in this bra, but it’s quite minor and doesn’t affect the shape/comfort of the bra in my opinion. However, I don’t experience this in many bras, so if you find yourself experiencing “orange in the glass” frequently, this may be a style to stay away from.


For those of you who aren’t a fan of the thin band and half adjustable straps on the Rhea, you’ll be pleased to know that the Amor has a nice thick 2 hook-and-eye closure and fully adjustable straps. This band felt super tight the first time I put it on, but since I had heard repeatedly that the band stretches very quickly, I stuck with it for a day to see for myself. I’m happy to report that it really did stretch quickly! After 2 wears it feels wonderful, I have never experienced a bra stretching that fast before. The wires did dig into my sternum a little bit on the first wear as well, but that has also stopped with wear.

I also purchased the Amor in the newer berry colour, but found the fit to be slightly different. The bands was just as firm (perhaps even a bit more firm) and the cups were a bit larger. I’ve since traded this bra, since the blue one is about as big as I can go in the cups.

The Amor is a fantastic addition to my collection, and a welcome addition for any full busted lady in the size range seeking an attractive t-shirt bra. It’s a bra that legitimately makes me feel good. It’s attractive in a simple, minimal way, and the degree of coverage really makes it functional as an everyday bra. Now I just have to find a light coloured padded bra. The hunt continues…