I’m Basically Back, and The Panache Sports Bra Reviewed

I have 10 days left of University, and then I am a free bird! The number of things I have to read, finish writing and study in the next 10 days is scary, but somehow I know I will get it done. So I’m kind of done my blogging break? There won’t be any new posts for 10 days, that’s for sure, but after those 10 days regular posting will resume.

This little guy is excited, that's for sure

This little guy is excited, that’s for sure. Image from The Catster.com

Before I go into hermit mode for the next bunch of days, I’d like to share one of my current favourite bras: The Panache Sports bra:

Panache Sports bra, 28FF

Panache Sports bra, 28FF

I could sing sweet love songs about this bra, write beautiful poetry, hold a boom box over my head and confess my undying love for it… But that’s all a bit much, so instead let me just tell you about it. The Panache Sports bra is an underwired, moulded encapsulating sports bra. Prior to it, I had only experienced compression sports bras, which basically flatten and bind you down to prevent bouncing while exercising. The Panache has a very tall centre gore and pre-shaped (yet fairly flexible) cups that contain each breast separately to keep them from bouncing. I’m a complete convert to the encapsulation style! It feels more breathable when exercising (no sweaty boobs smashed up against each other– too much information?) and doesn’t cause my boobs any pain like the compression style sports bras sometimes did. I’ve tested it while jogging, and doing general exercises like sit-ups and push-ups and have literally zero complaints. This bra is godly.


I purchased this bra in a 28FF in the grey/purple colourway. The grey is a fantastic alternative to a basic black or white, and I generally prefer off-beat colours like this for my basic bra wardrobe. In my size, the cups seem to run about a half size big and the band feels like a firm 28. I have read from others though that they’ve found the band to run loose and the cups to small, and have also read the cups to run as much as two cup sizes big, so watch out! The way this bra fits you could be quite dependant on shape or size range, or perhaps previous colours may have had different fit characteristics than the newer colours. I honestly wish I had an explanation for the discrepancies in the reported fit of the bra, but I unfortunately do not. This bra is so fantastic when it does fit though that I suggest trying it in your regular size or a cup size down if you’re very full on bottom or in between sizes. Being in between an FF and G lately, this bra is pretty much perfect for me. I have a teensy bit of extra space on my smaller side some days (when I’m at the smallest part of my monthly fluctuation), but generally speaking the fit of the cups gets an A+ from me.


Check out that profile. Round, lifted, but not unnaturally so

Lift in the Panache Sport is comparable to the PL Stalowka. That's saying something!

Lift in the Panache Sport is comparable to the PL Stalowka. That’s saying something!

I think it’s worth mentioning that most of the times I’ve worn the Panache Sports bra have not been to exercise, and I actually wear it as a t-shirt bra usually. It is by far the most comfortable “t-shirt bra” I have ever worn, and as you can see, the lift and shape is comparable to EM Pl bras, a style known for their magical boob-lifting properties. Obviously, the Panache Sports bra comes up very high on the chest, so I can’t wear it under something remotely low-cut (except for tank tops, I just look athletic if it shows, so no biggie for casual wear there), but under crew necks, and some scoop necks it works just fine.

This is the only bra I own with three hook-and-eye closures. I love the stability!

This is the only bra I own with three hook-and-eye closures. I love the stability!

Another great merit to this already fantastic bra? It’s an attractive, androgynous piece of lingerie for the full-busted lady– a rarity in a sea filled with lace and florals. Technically, most sports bras qualify as “androgynous” lingerie, but I have never seen a sports bra that delivers so well on shape and style as the Panache Sports bra, which is why I don’t really consider most sports bras real contenders for androgynous everyday bras. If you have ever felt frustrated with your options in the lingerie world, and just want a simple, supportive bra sans frills, check out this bra. It will likely nock your socks off. And with so many great colours to choose from, you’ll probably find one that you love. I sure did! Check out the amazing blue/lime colour here:

Dat colour.

Dat colour.

Between the padded straps, padded underwires (seriously, I can’t even feel them! It’s amazing!), breathable material and J-clip for the option to wear this as a racerback, this bra is a serious winner. 10/10, would buy over and over again. Can’t recommend it enough.

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