Freya Deco Longline Reviewed

I have been excited for this bra for months. As soon as I saw previews of it popping up on the internet however many months ago, I knew I would make it mine. When Large Cup Lingerie asked me if I’d be interested in trying the longline, I basically jumped with excitement. Unfortunately though, we’re not as compatible as I would have liked, so after testing it for review purposes, I’ve decided to pass it along to another lingerie enthusiast, hoping they have better results with it.

Freya Deco Longline, 28FF

Freya Deco Longline, 28FF

For starters, let’s talk about how pretty this bra is. SO pretty. The ivory colour on my skin is a bit light to function as a “nude,” but it’s definitely passable. The faint floral pattern on the front of the band is, for me, unique and gorgeous. It would have been easy to make it an all over pattern, but isolating it to one area of the bra makes it kind of special. The lack of embellishment is anything but plain, giving it a sleek and simple appearance. This bra is a strapless that comes with removable straps (with two locations to attach them, so there is some strap placement customizability), boning in the wings, and silicone lining the band for added support when worn strapless.


As far as fit goes, the Deco Longline is a bit of a strange one. The cups are very tall, which means for a petite lady like myself (around 5’2), the cups cut into my arms after a few hours of wear.With the straps attached, I can only just fill the cups, even though I’ve been waffling between an FF and G cup. This bra definitely runs large in the cups. I would suggest sizing down, especially if you’re full on bottom (but if you’re an in betweeny like myself, you may have some fit issues! I don’t think I could have sized down). When I wear this bra strapless, I cannot fill the cups. My boobs just kind of sit inside them. The padding is so thick though that I could probably still wear it and have it look half-decent under clothing.

Rounded, but it's not really lifting my breasts much

Rounded, but it’s not really lifting my breasts much

I ran into a few other fit issues with this bra as well. I found it very difficult to pull the wires up right under my breasts, I don’t think I ever managed to (I got close though!) If I don’t try very hard to pull them up high, the cups buckle at the bottom when worn strapless. The wires also do not tack properly. The top of the center gore tacks, but a large portion of the middle of the gore/under my breasts absolutely will not. This makes it difficult for my breasts to fill the cups completely. In the picture below, I am pushing the wires flush against my body, and as you can see I’m filling out the cups much more nicely:


As far as materials go, the cups feel very thick. I haven’t owned a Deco in quite some time, but they may be thicker than the standard Deco. The thickness does help the cups retain their shape when worn strapless, so that is definitely a plus. The silicone inside of the band keeps it securely in place regardless of how much moving around I do. I did a little jig, threw myself around, jumped up and down, and the bra did not budge. Pretty impressive!

Pushing the wires against me with the straps attached. Cups are filled better, but this bra fits me like a full coverage bra, which I don't believe it is supposed to

Pushing the wires against me with the straps attached. Cups are filled better, but this bra fits me like a full coverage bra, which I don’t believe it is supposed to. And check out those cups cutting in. Not so comfy!


Now onto the band. Excuse me while I sing sweet songs of thanks to the great lord Freya, because this sucker is firm! I mean, it’s a strapless, so it’s supposed to be, but still, I am very thankful! If you’re in between band sizes, you may want to size up for this one. Unfortunately, it only has two columns of hooks though… Freeeya, why?! I’m sure you can afford to smack on another set of hooks, really.

Deco Longline under a t-shirt. Fantastic looking!

Deco Longline under a t-shirt. Fantastic looking!

Finally, the Deco Longline looks slammin’ under a t-shirt. I was considering keeping it despite my fit problems for this reason alone (and the adorable design, of course). But given the thickness and lack of breathability of the materials, I decided it was not worth it. It really does feel like a lot of material, especially for the summer. And since I have the Panache Sports bra and the Masquerade Amor, which function as t-shirt bras yet are smaller and/or more breathable, The Deco Longline begins to seem superfluous in my collection if it can’t function comfortably as a strapless as well.

For comparison, here's the Panache Sports Bra under a t-shirt. Less exaggerated than the Deco, but great looking

For comparison, here’s the Panache Sports Bra under a t-shirt. Less exaggerated than the Deco, but great looking

I could still use a light coloured t-shirt bra though, so I’m considering giving the Maddie in the Bravissimo exclusive colourway a go. It really is a shame that the Deco doesn’t have a more standardized fit across all of its variations. I cannot be confident when I try a new Deco that it will fit like the previous one, or the one before that, and so on. The longline is so gorgeous that it’s a bit sad to give it up!