Masquerade Rhea: A Second Look

It’s time for review one of two reviews that I promised I’d post during my blogging break! Drum roll please…


Some of you may remember that I reviewed the Rhea once before back when my blog was a baby. Since then I’ve gone through some sizes changes, and my old, beautiful ice blue Rhea ceased to fit. So when Large Cup Lingerie reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in trying the Rhea in my new size, I got excited.

Masquerade Rhea, 28FF

Masquerade Rhea, 28FF

I opted to get the Rhea in a 28FF. Lately I’ve been waffling between an FF and a G (usually a G in Panache), but Rhea is a half cup, and thus very open on top. I can generally wear half cups in my smaller size just due to the construction. The size you choose in this bra will be very shape dependant. If you’re full on top, I would suggest trying your typical size and a cup size up. If you’re full on bottom, I’d suggest your trying your typical size and a cup size down to find your best fit.


I found that the Rhea fits me very nicely when it’s not that special time of the month. At said time, I kind of pillow over the top, and the wires poke into my breast tissue. Basically, when my boobs aren’t inflated like balloons, this is a great bra for me. The shape under clothing is minimized in that it’s not very projected, but it also creates a lot of “cakes on a plate” cleavage. So it’s minimized, yet boobtastic at the same time. It also kind of gives you… tall boobs? It pushes your boobs toward your body and up, so the silhouette is compact yet tall. It’s an interesting one, and super flattering under scoop necks.


The band is snug and doesn’t have much stretch, so this is a nice option if you’re in the sub-28 demographic (as is the Masquerade Amor if you prefer a sweetheart neckline), or if you just prefer a snug band. If you’re in between band sizes,  would suggest sizing up in the Rhea. The straps are half adjustable, and do not stretch. I actually find the lack of stretch quite comfortable, but they are a touch wide-set for me. I would prefer if the wires came up a bit higher on the sides, but I think this is an issue with my being in between sizes, and not really a fault of the bra.

I didn’t wear my old Rhea very often because I just wasn’t as comfortable in half cups bras. Now that I’m more used to them, I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this beaut quite a lot! The fabrics are incredibly soft, like a great big boob hug. I may even get my hands on a 28G sometime to be able to wear this bra no matter the time of month.


Hope you all enjoyed the review! I’ll be back in a few weeks to review the Deco Longline! Yay! I haven’t received it yet, and I plan on testing it thoroughly before reviewing, so it’ll be a little while, but hopefully the wait is worth it.