Collection in Shambles

A while ago I made a post about what all my bras are for, and how I plan which bras to buy based on their functionality. Well, sometimes you get thrown a curveball and have to toss your plans out the proverbial window. The curveball I speak of is sudden growth. My 28FF bras that I got only three or four months ago are too small. Sigh. The Just Flew In longline bra that I reviewed only a couple of weeks ago was too small for me only a few days after purchasing it. Thankfully, I got my hands in a 28G, and it fits beautifully. One more thing to be thankful for is the Cleo Marcie. It still fits fantastically in a 28FF, as the upper section is very loose, and if anything I fill it out better now than I did months ago when I purchased it. Marcie really saved my ass.

Thank you Marcie!

Thank you Marcie!

I decided to sell a whack-ton of bras (most of my 28Fs, and a few 28FFs) to make money for some new 28Gs and larger 28FFs. I did keep a little collection of bras that are too small, in case I should return to a smaller size once I start exercising more. I’m still waiting for most of my new bras to arrive, but I’m glad to at least have a couple that fit me properly at this point.

Currently my drawer contains:

  • Cleo Marcie in red, 28FF. Prefect, awesome, love it.
  • Panache Andorra in Lagoon, 28G. I’m incredibly impressed at how well the Andorra fits me in my current size! We’ve had our issues in the past, but I’m currently digging it.
  • Freya Just Flew In, 28G. This bra fits even better than the 28FF that I recently gave a golden review to, so you can only imagine how much I like the 28G! The only issue is that the wires are noticeably wider on me in this size, but it’s still very comfortable and looks great under clothing.
  • Ewa Michalak PL Stalowka, 28G. This bra still kind of fits. I don’t double over it, but it doesn’t offer the great stability that it used to, and I’d like more coverage. I’ll be looking into getting at least one PL bra in a 28GG, as they offer crazy amounts of lift and support when correctly fitted.
  • Fantasie Susanna basque in petal/white, 30F. It still fits in the cups! Yay! Boy would I be disappointed if I outgrew this immediately.
  • Fortnight Mira wireless bra, altered to a 28FF. This bra has an incredible amount of stretch in it, so it still gives me a nice fit. It’s also a home bra, so I’m less concerned about getting a 100% perfect fit from it.
  • Shock Absorber sports bra, 28FF. I’m not very picky about my sports bras. If it mostly stops my boobs from bouncing, then I’m happy. It’s a bit small, but still functional.


  1. Freya Just Flew In Longline
  2. Fantasie Susanna Basque
  3. Ewa Michalak PL Stalowka
  4. Panache Andorra
  5. Cleo Marcie
  6. Shock Absorber Sports bra
  7. Fortnight is absent because I was wearing it! Here’s an honorary number, Fortnight Mira

From this list, only three are every day bras (Marcie, Andorra. Just Flew In)! I’ve been cycling through these bras pretty heavily, so I’m very much looking forward to getting a few more. These new bras include…

  • Miss Mandalay Paige in coral, 28G
  • Miss Mandalay Paris in black, 28G
  • Panache Andorra in pearl, 28G
  • Cleo Melissa, 28FF
  • Cleo Marcie in aquamarine, 28FF
  • Freya Dionne, 28FF
  • Fantasie Rebecca in beige, altered to a 28FF (gifted from Large Cup Lingerie. I’m very excited to get this bra back and let you all know how the alteration goes!)

I could never afford all of these bras if I didn’t sell my old goodies (and pick up an extra shift from work), so I’m very thankful to have found so many buyers. On another topic though, I’ve been wondering what would spark such a sudden increase in size, and have two theories that may both be contributing factors…

  • I’ve been under a lot of school related stress. I’m not going to lie that this has resulted in some junk food binges and less physical activity than is healthy. My semester is done in just one more week, so I’ll definitely be getting back into a regular exercise routine and healthier eating habits. I have gained a small bit of weight all over, but not enough to result in fit issues with my other clothing. My breasts have had the only notable growth. 
  • I’ve recently decided to transition from vegetarian to vegan. Well… mostly vegan. I’m eating completely vegan at home, but I’ll get the occasional treat when I eat out (a bowl of ramen made with egg noodles maybe, or an iced cap from Tim Hortons if I’m feeling real crazy). As a result, I’ve started having a lot more soy in my diet. Soy contains a fair bit of estrogen, which may be contributing to my sudden size jump

Boobs can be such trouble makers sometimes.