Lingerie Wishlist for Things Yet to Exist

The title says it all. I want more things. Why? Greedy.

Greedy like this dog.

Greedy like this dog.

No, but seriously, the full-bust lingerie market is pretty great now-a-days, but there are definitely some holes that still need filling. Some are just my silly desires, like various colours or prints I’d like to see, but what I’m more concerned about is way that bras are designed. I think there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to getting the most comfort and support from your bra. There’s also the issue of how companies decide which bras are “fashion” styles and which are “continuity” styles, a process that I think needs revising. Well… Without further adieu, my list!

1) Thicker Bands that Sit Lower on the Body 

I recently tried the Just Flew In longline bra from Freya and absolutely loved the feeling of such a thick band. I do wish it was angled to sit lower on my back, but it’s a start! I’d love to see thicker bands (4-6 hooks) implemented more frequently amongst other brands. So far in terms of full bust brands, it’s just Parfait and Freya on the Longline train, I think. I’d also love to see Longlines that don’t just smack a padded half cup onto the band call it a day. I want to see unlined balcony cups with wonderfully comfortable, thick bands. Panache, if you ever make an Andorra Longline bra, I will be unreasonably happy. Freya, how about an Arabella Longline? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Miss Mandalay, Paige Longline?! I could go on calling out every full bust brand in the book, but I’ll stop here.

2) More Skin Tone Continuity Styles

At the moment, continuity bra styles are usually limited to black, white and beige colours. The beige colour is frequently referred to as “nude” by manufacturers. The problem here is pretty clear, right? We have ONE colour of bra called nude, and it’s only for light skinned people. We need to ditch the “nude” title, and start adding bras for darker skinned folk into continuity styles. Why not call the beige bra…well, BEIGE instead of nude? Seems pretty obvious to me.

3) Get Creative

There are so many different prints I would love to see on bras, but we seem to always default to the floral print. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a floral print, but I don’t need a choice of ten per lingerie season. A bunch of the lingerie bloggers had a great conversation about what prints they’d like to see on bras, and just to name a few…

  • Animal Prints. Not leopard or snakeskin or something, I mean little animals printed on the bra. Cat print bra? yes. Seahorse? Absolutely. Elephant? You’re killing me, it’s too good!
  • Art History inspired bras. I would buy a bra with a Turner reproduced on it faster than you can say Romanticism. I could envision a whole series of Impressionist inspired bras, featuring works by Degas, Cassatt, Monet… Oh and don’t even get me started on Renaissance and Classical art. And Abstract Expressionism is practically begging to be placed on lingerie. Those brushstrokes would look wild. Is my nerd showing right now? Ahem…
  • Cartoon/Video Game bras. I believe the topic of a batman bra arose during the conversation amongst some of the bloggers, just to name an example. I’m pretty sure video game inspired bras by a legitimate full- bust company are a pipe dream, but a girl can hope for a Zelda themed bra one day, right?

4) Size 26 Bands

I don’t think I need to explain this one. 26 Bands please!

5) Cleo Marcie in Continuity Colours 

When I heard that Cleo would be releasing a black Marcie Babydoll for Autumn/Winter 2013, I got very excited by the prospect of owning Marcie in black. Unfortunately, Cleo is not releasing a plain black version of the bra alongside the babydoll. Ahhg, please?!