Bras Under Shirts

As the title so bluntly states, this is a very quick post to demonstrate what my bras look like under a thin, fitted shirt. I know that a lot of women are concerned about seams showing under thin clothing, so this should give you an idea which of the bras I own show through and which do not. I am a seamed bra addict. Seams showing under clothing usually doesn’t bother me, but they also don’t have much opportunity to show, as most of my tops fit really loosely or are made of thick material (baggy sweaters make me very happy). I find I get the best support and comfort from seamed bras (generally speaking), and only really opt for a seamless bra in particular situations, like under a fitted top at work.ย This picture should also give you an idea of what the shape of each bra is like under clothing.

All of my bras! Notice some new ones? Reviews coming soon!

All of my bras! Notice some new ones? Reviews coming soon!

I want to mention a little something about Miss Mandalay’s Paige bra. For some reason, the coral colour has much softer material than the yellow, and manages to form to my shape much better. I get increased lift and comfort when compared to the yellow, and my boobs are held closer to my body. I wonder why they’re so different! I’ve heard of size discrepancies between different coloured bras, but I haven’t heard of differences in the quality of the materials.

Within the next week I’m hoping to get a couple of reviews posted, as well as a wish list very much like Sweet’s right here. While wish lists typically ask for things that already exist, this list will be dedicated to the items that do not yet exist, or are not widely available in the lingerie industry.