How to Care For Your Bras

Edit: I’ve decided to update this post. It now matches the information in my “Wash and Care” guide page.


Basic Care Check List

  • To prolong the life of your lingerie, wash in cold or tepid water with a gentle detergent. I recommend hand washing, but machine washing on a gentle cycle in cold water will also do the trick.
  • Make sure to use a garment bag if you’re machine washing, and hook up your bras to avoid any tears in delicate materials
  • Never put your bras in the dryer. The heat breaks down the elastic, can change the size of your bra, or cause a wire to pop out long before its time.
  • Try not to fold the cups of your lined/padded/moulded bras into each other. This can distort the cup shape, creating little bumps and indents. Either hang these bras if you have the closet space, or stack them on top of one another in a drawer or whatever storage area you have available.
  • If possible, don’t wear your bras two days in a row. You want to give the elastic time to settle back to its original position. Wearing a bra for consecutive days will stretch out the elastic quicker.

Hand Washing Guide

  • Fill up your sink or a basin with either cold or tepid water.
  • Mix in a gentle detergent (specialty lingerie wash, baby detergent, even some soaps work well) and let it get sudsy!
  • Put your garments into the water (try to keep your loads separated by lights and darks). Press the soapy water through the areas that you want to make sure get thoroughly cleaned, and soak your items for about 10-15 minutes.


  • Once soaking is complete, rinse your garments until the water runs clean. However, if you’re using a detergent like Soak or Eucalan there’s no need to rinse! Just remove your garments from the water.
  • Pat with a towel to remove the excess moisture, and then simply hang to dry. I recommend hanging your bras by the center gore so that the straps don’t stretch out.

washing2Now it’s time for you to get washing!

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