Cleo Lucy, Almost Success

I mentioned a while ago that I had purchased both the white and black version of the Cleo Lucy. I tried on the black in a 28G at a boutique for a short period of time. and I could tell that it was the slightest bit too big in the cups, but nothing too serious. The band felt decent in a 28 on me, so I figured I would order a couple and see how they worked for me.

Cleo Lucy in white

Cleo Lucy in white

The results were… almost right! Lately I’m being very picky about what bras I keep what what I send back, so the Lucys did not stay. The problems were pretty much the same between both the black and white versions, but the white was over all bigger/looser. My fit issues were:

  • Cups a touch too big, there was a bit of bagging. I settled into them after about an hour or so and the bagging became even worse. The white bra was baggier than the black. I could not have sized down as I tried on the 28FF as well and there was a considerable amount of cutting in.
  • Band felt like a normal 28, I definitely would’ve preferred a 26 in this bra. The white bra was too loose from the get-to, but the black was do-able if I really loved the bra and there were no issues with the cups. I would not recommend it for someone in the sub 28 band demographic.
  • The center gore seemed to… fold over onto itself? I’ve never seen this before, but I think that basically the gore is too wide for me and the material between the wires is flimsy, so my breasts just pushed the wires together and they folded over each other. I must have not noticed this when I tried it on briefly at the boutique. The lighting was a bit dim, so maybe that contributed to my lack of awareness (or I was being a space case, BUT ANYWAY).

The bras were both nice and I liked the material they were made of (soft and flexible), so it would have been nice if they worked out, but I’m not really peeved about it. What I AM kind of peeved about is the lack of unlined balcony/balconette bras that actually work for me (given that I prefer unlined). Basically Miss Mandalay’s Paige is my saviour. Any others I have (Paris, Andorra) do give me some issues (tight upper section in the case on Paris, stretchy band with Andorra). I plan to have the band on my Andorras altered though, so that should help things some. EM is also releasing a lovely unlined balcony style sometime in the near future, something I’m really looking forward to (like, A LOT). However, an issue I have with wearing very few different styles is that I have wires pressing on approximately the same places all the time. This can become painful from time to time and I do feel I need to mix up my styles more to give some spots on my body a break. The wires on all the EM styles I’ve tried feel pretty much the same, as do the wires with Paris/Paige, so I’ll be looking for other styles for a while. Namely, Mimi Holliday and more Cleos. I think there is success to be had with them in particular styles. I’m also considering re-ordering the Freyas that I know would work decently for me that I have either out grown or worn out (like Lacey, and if a black Pollyanna ever pops up in my size on ebay I AM THERE). I know they wouldn’t be 100% perfect, but they would work nicely and give my ribcage a break.

But really. Should it be this tricky? I can’t help but think that if Freya or Panache release just one or two styles in a 26 it would not hurt their profits. I do realize that my body type is not the most common, but it’s not uncommon. One style. Just one to test it out. Maybe I’m hopelessly ignorant, but I think the countless fit requests on Bratabase from women in large bands and the emails I get asking specifically about bras available in small band sizes would disagree.

EDIT: I’d like to add that if you fit into the Lucy size range, and you typically fit the cups of other Cleo bras without issue then you should be fine with Lucy. Just watch out if you have close set breasts as the gore is quite wide!