Fortnight Mira Longline Bra Reviewed

Guys… I love this bra.

Mira Longline, 30F (altered to a 28FF... more like a 27FF actually, even though that size doesn't "exist." The only thing I would change about this bra are how high the cups come up on me, but  it's not a bother.

Fortnight Mira Longline. I was actually wearing the bra kind of high in all my photos. I prefer to wear it lower, which results in the cups not coming up so high on my chest/under my arms.

I am in LOVE with this bra. I’ll try to get the gushing out of the way now so I can return to super serious reviewer mode. But seriously, it is incredibly wonderful.


Recently I went for a fitting with a good friend of mine. I resolved not to buy anything, told myself I was just going to hang out with a friend and help her decide what to purchase. I also told myself “I’m going to try on all the Fortnight bras they have here in a 30F.” Somehow, I thought that second thought would be compatible with the first, but looking back I see how that didn’t work out. I tried on the Mira Longline bra and loved it.

three-quarter view

three-quarter view

Despite this bra being a 30 I could passably wear it on the loosest set of hooks, but of course I preferred it on the last. Fortnight tends to cut their bras tight, so I’d say this bra fit more like a loose 28. The cups are unlined and very stretchy. Upon looking at them I figured they’d be a bit too small, but once I had the bra on they fit perfectly with no spillage in sight. The center of the bra of course does not lay flat, at this is a wireless bra, so my breasts get pushed together much more than in a wired bra. The straps are fully adjustable (and they adjust from the front! A nice feature) and the band has three sets of four hook and eye closures.

Shape is very natural, lifted a bit and rounded out. I'd love to wear this bra under a loose, baggy tank top in the summer.

Shape is very natural, lifted a bit and rounded out. I’d love to wear this bra under a loose, baggy tank top in the summer.

The shape the cups give is quite round, which I found surprising. It kind of looks like I have two firm apples on my chest (not to liken our boobs to food… but it’s really the best description I’ve got). It’s uplifted, yet a bit compressed and minimized. And when I say uplifted, I mean it’s like they’ve been given a little boost. This definitely isn’t the same level of uplift as a wired bra, but it is a lovely, natural shape.

back view

Back view. Like I said earlier, I like to wear it lower lower than this. Funny thing about wireless styles is there’s a bit less of a “guide” for where the bra should sit. Wires make it pretty clear, but there’s more freedom to position wireless bras higher or lower.

Similarly to the Soft Cup Deco I recently reviewed, I love the simplicity of this bra. It is straight black with no bows, but does feature a textured lace on the front of the band. The lace combined with the sleek aesthetic of the bra makes it truly gorgeous and right up my ally. It’s subtle enough that I definitely would not describe it as “girly.” If you’ve been looking for lingerie without bows and frills, this is a great option, as are many of Fortnight’s other creations.

Now, being that I care quite a bit about a my bands being firm, I was at a loss for what to do with this bra. I wasn’t about to pay $100 for a bra that would stretch out in three months. I asked my fitter if this boutique offered alteration services (I was at Secrets From Your Sister by the way, a pretty good option for the full busted in Toronto, Ontario). I was delighted to hear that they alter 28, 30 and 32 bands free of charge since there is just less selection in those sizes. I decided in a heart beat to purchase it and have it altered. I wish I could have measured it before having it altered, but at its new size it comes out fully stretched to about 27 inches. I’m hoping I can special order another Fortnight from them and have it altered as well, because I have my eye on this pretty thing…

Image from Fortnight's website

Image from Fortnight’s website